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When you have specific research questions and business goals in mind, we adapt our process quickly to achieve them.

Our research teams specialize in projects requiring flexible design, swift turnaround, and cost-effective management. 



With 20 years of experience, we conduct over 500 market research projects annually and have experience with a multitude of unique industries and research situations.

We know what it takes and will act as trustworthy decision makers.



As an extension of your company, we deliver timely results while adapting to demands without compromising quality. 

90% of our first-time customers become long-term clients because we deliver service that wins repeat business.

CFR: Market Research Agency in St. Louis, MO

Communications for Research (CFR) specializes in market research management and execution of data collection. What take a leadership role in every study we work on by understanding your research goals, learning quickly from our work together to adapt our own process to best provide service for you, and acting as trustworthy business decision makers for your research. With over 500 market research studies performed annually, we know how to ask the right questions to find the right answers. Even if you have a problem you're not quite sure how to answer, we help you by knowing what it will take and suggesting a strategy that will work.

Whether the primary research study is conducted over the phone, online, by mail, or all three at once, we use the market research process, methods and technologies necessary to provide you with quality, relevant information in the most cost-effective manner – helping you anticipate your customers' needs and, most importantly, surpass their expectations.

From market research design to data collection to analysis & reporting, we want to be an extension of your business and a partner in helping your business grow. If you consider us for being your partner on an upcoming research opportunity we will do our best to be responsive, accurate, and concise in our service proposals so that we can be a valuable resource to you from the start of our working together.

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How to Get Telephone Recruits to Complete An Online Survey

Mixed mode research methods offer researchers richer and more accurate data, but there is a risk. There's an extra step--from phone to online--and you have to rely on the recruit to do it. And whenever you add a step to a process, more people are likely to drop out.

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