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Custom Survey Coding: Why It is More Important Than You’d Think

Posted by Colson Steber on 06/14/2018

The free-form responses that people give in surveys are often the best source of impactful insights that your company can gather. But how do you make meaning from them in a way that translates to quantifiable evidence of anything? The answer lies in coding. Coding in analysis takes the answer to each open-ended question in a survey (called a..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of June 11, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 06/12/2018


Corn planting is finished for 2018!  Corn emerged is at 94% overall with MO reporting 100% emerged.  All states are reporting at least 70% corn emerged with many reporting over 90% emerged.  This progress is ahead of that from previous years by 1-2%.  Corn condition is sitting at 18% excellent (10% in 2017), 59% good (57% in 2017), 19% fair..

Telephone Depth Interviews: Data Collection Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by Colson Steber on 06/7/2018

With the advancement of web-centric methodologies, it might seem that today’s market researchers no longer have any need for the traditional telephone interview. Specifically, the telephone depth interview might seem like a waste of time when the Internet seemingly offers much the same benefit with fewer associated costs. But with the world’s..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of June 4, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 06/5/2018



Corn planting is nearing the end at 97% planted!  No new states are reporting planting finished, only IL and MO are at 100% planted.  IL and MO are ahead of progress from previous years as no state reporting 100% by this time in 2017 and the five year average does not show states at 100% yet!  Overall progress is 2% ahead of that of..

What’s the Difference Between Key Informant Interviews and In-Depth Interviews?

Posted by Colson Steber on 05/24/2018

Years ago, in the burgeoning field of cultural anthropology, ethnographers began discreetly observing research subjects from within a community. It was a novel approach; instead of bringing subjects to them in a controlled setting, researchers would immerse themselves within a group, asking questions and conversing with individual subjects with..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of May 21, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 05/22/2018


Corn planting is nearing the close for most states.  Overall corn planting progress is at 81% with only one state reporting under 50% planted.  PA is reporting 35% planted but also reported only 1.5 days suitable for fieldwork this week and 4.5 days the week prior.  Compared to 2017 progress PA and SD are the furthest behind.  SD had the most..

How Technology is Changing the Way We Think About Advertising Testing

Posted by Colson Steber on 05/17/2018

We all know the power of advertising. It can teach, sway, announce. It relays information about a company’s product or service and can raise awareness for its brand(s). Hopefully, it will promote sales. Advertisers, in their quest to capture valuable market share for their clients, often use flashy graphics or catchy audio bites in the hopes of..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of May 14, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 05/15/2018


Strong planting progress with corn this past week, all states (except for TX) were able to get at least 10% of their corn crop planted.  TX was able to get only 1% more planted this past week and TX reported 6.7 days suitable for fieldwork.  IL, MO, and NC are reporting over 90% of corn planted!  The corn planting season had a slow start..

Does Mobile Friendliness Affect Survey Responses?

Posted by Colson Steber on 05/10/2018

Just because people are taking your company’s survey doesn’t mean you can call it a success. Numbers don’t matter unless they’re the right ones. To ensure that results are truly relevant, companies must attract those respondents whose opinions most closely represent their preferred target market. It’s not an easy task. If just anyone could do..

Why Trust is So Important to Market Research Survey Relationships

Posted by Colson Steber on 05/3/2018

The foundation of any good relationship is trust. Partners must feel safe with one another; they must feel confident with one another; they must rely on one another. Within a business setting, the importance of trust is the same. To succeed in a competitive world, companies must cultivate positive connections with consumers, partners,..

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