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Our Core Focus

about-cfr.pngDevelop leaders to find the Why?

We see and create opportunity. We are focused on developing leaders that go deeper and learn more.  We elevate others to be their ally.

Provide research logistics services.

Research logistics is our term for understanding the objectives, audience, and research methodology, forming a plan, and executing on the process to achieve those research outcomes.

Our services are primarily considered qualitative recruiting, online surveys, quantitative data collection, and data analysis for primary research.


Our Core Values

We hire, promote, and evaluate everyone on our team based on living up to our core values.  These 5 principles are essential to how we operate.

Own it - We take action to actually solve issues and do the right thing

Get to the root - We have the technical chops to dig in, assess raw data, and embody data driven decision making

Bake, don't eat - We see and create opportunity

Continuous Improvement - We are adaptive, always optimizing, and bring a growth mindset to how we do our work

Truly care - We are a community that has come together to achieve common goals, with a focus on empathy for setting others up to succeed and doing their best


Communications for Research Timeline

Communications for Research (CFR) started in 1997 as a market research data collection company.

The business model transformed 2014 through 2016 to focus on a more dynamic research logistics services skill set.

Long-time key leaders Curtis Burrow and Colson Steber bought the firm in 2016.  We now focus on our core values of helping our people and stakeholders (customers/vendors) become their best self.  We are developing the systems and processes that keep us continually evolving to achieve our most ambitious goals.


Colson Steber, Co-CEO, exploring what the Core Values means to Communications for Research

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