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about-cfr.pngAt Communications for Research (CFR), we stand firm in our belief that great people have an insatiable desire to achieve success with integrity. This is why we've created a market research firm that prides itself on cultivating a community who actively engage with our customers to reach common business goals and dreams.

We feel rewarded when we get the chance to positively influence someone’s life because we interacted with them and help fulfill their dreams. This holds true for our relationship with every customer, employee, vendor, competitor, prospect, and research respondent that we come in contact with.

With 20 years of market research experience, we know when facing adversity our desire for achievement, our faith in people, and our integrity keep us working towards our dreams.

About Communications for Research

Communications for Research is a dependable market research service provider that produces high quality output from study design to data collection to analysis & reporting. In all areas of our business, our top priority is to deliver service that wins repeat business. When we bring value to your company, you are capable of taking on more research projects and you can provide increased value to your customers because you work with us. 


Since 1997, our market research experience has helped us adapt our method for unique industries, difficult research questions and varied market research scenarios. Through our adaptive data collection & reporting, you can take advantage of our expertise to capitalize on current and upcoming opportunities in your niche.

Further, the software applications we use are truly tools that help us reach new, higher performance levels on a regular basis. These systems also evolve with technology so you constantly have access to the latest and greatest technology you need.


While our executive team brings many years of market research experience to the table, every employee of CFR understands how great performance in their role makes them succeed as an individual and helps your business reach its goals. Employees feel that they are an integral part of a community that supports them, which ignites their desire to contribute to the success of our business and yours.

We market and sell our services to a growing customer base of people from a wide variety of industries, geographies, and types of businesses.  Every prospective, new, current and past customer feels that we represent ourselves the same way when we market our services and when we deliver our services so there are no surprises.


As mentioned above, our top priority is to deliver service that wins repeat business. The best way we can win your business again and again is by providing top quality market research at affordable prices while providing value to you & your customers.

As an extension of your company, we deliver timely results while adapting to customer & industry demands without compromising quality. 90% of our first-time customers become long-term clients because of our service and we look forward to increasing that percentage through helping your business. 

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