Our Market Research Process

CFR's Research Logistics Process

Simple. 10x Confidence in Research Operations
  1. Research Logistics Plan - We know the key discover questions that matter to understand and develop your vision into a realistic plan.  This clarifies the Research Specifications, Target Audience Engagement, Service Responsibilities, Team Communication expectations, Timeline, and Investment involved in our engagement.  This is the concise tactical plan that is kept up to date throughout project execution and is created by your Insights Director to help you have the research opportunity move forward.
  2. Design - When the research opportunity is now actually being done, there is clarity to the roles and responsibilities around design and setup.  As research operations experts, we take ownership of ensuring that this setup is aligned with the intentions set.  We do the work of screener or survey programming or review yours to set up for success with both quality data and a quality research participant experience.  We aggregate the most relevant resources and develop the sampling plan for audience access that delivers on the research outcome.  
  3. Fieldwork - Our core competency is in executing recruiting and data collection.  We have our own metrics that we track and are included in our updates to you.  We pay attention to whether the research outcomes are on track to be delivered within the budget and timeline.  We set boundaries and milestones that ensure we identify when we need to adapt and present alternative solutions when decisions have to be made.
  4. Outcomes - To simplify research operations and 10x confidence we start with the end in mind and made decisions all the way through to put you in a position to succeed. We are accustomed to assisting analysts, researchers, or consultants in customizing output to what will actually help them. 
The CFR Difference 

95 Team members in a 100% remote US based team

  1. Research Logistics Plan - We Own It. You're are not hiring order fillers.  We take responsibility up front by sharing our actual realistic plan up front before you hire us and keeping it updated throughout the project
  2. Clarity - We know how to measure the progression of research operations.  We share those metrics, our progress against them, and adapt.  We know how to assess the raw data to make realistic choices.
  3. Continuous Improvement - We challenge our assumptions, bring out the most important issues, and are open and honest in addressing how we improve our systems, processes, and research execution


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