Our Market Research Process

CFR's Market Research Process

The Basics
  1. Finding a Research Opportunity - First we determine the purpose of the research you want to do and who exactly you need to talk to in order to achieve your business goals. We help determine who will do which parts of the research to be sure our service responsibilities are defined and we have open communication at the start.  We join the research process at different stages regularly so we focus quickly on understanding the situation and actually starting to help.
  2. Setting Expectations - Once we know details about this research opportunity, we provide feedback on what we can bring to the table, what is feasible and what the cost will be. CFR's goal when being considered for a research study is to be responsive, accurate, and concise. You will have quality information that you can rely on to make decisions with. We will communicate very directly about what services we will provide and what it will take for the research to be successful.
  3. Discussion & Approval - When you're hiring a market research firm, you want to be sure you are working with a trustworthy and dependable company. At this stage in our process, we like to engage in a brief conversation to discuss responsibilities, process, and expectations. When the decision is made to partner with us on a research project, we will assign a project manager, brief them on the job, and introduce them to you. You can count on working with that person frequently if it turns out to be the best fit.
  4. Project Launch - Because we want to deliver service that wins repeat business, first you and the project manager will meet through an e-mail, 5-minute phone conversation or a much longer meeting (depending on the study scope). The project manager will clarify any questions they have that were not answered by the person that talked to you about the research originally so that they have a firm understanding of the services we are providing.
  5. Service Delivery with Complete Transparency - Your assigned project manager takes ownership over achieving the outcomes on the budget and timeline provided. They are going to act as the decision maker, communicate updates to you, keep you informed, and involve you in the project as much as you choose to be, but certainly when critical decisions need to be made.
  6. Delivery and Post-Project Follow-Through - We will assess our own performance, tell you what our assessment of the success of the project was, and solicit feedback so we can get better for future studies.
The CFR Difference 

While our process may seem simple, the CFR difference shows through in how we approach management and project leadership. We are proud to have account managers and project managers that understand the purpose of their research and we provide them with tools & training so they can make good decisions on their own.

Our project managers aim to do the following through our market research process:

  1. Understand the goal of the research
  2. Understand the current state of the measurable outcomes
  3. Look for key inputs necessary to achieve the outcome
  4. Utilize best practices in design, data collection & analysis
  5. Improve any steps of the process to the best of their ability
  6. Look to the customer and other team members for help while providing critical information to the customer about the progress of the research

When our project managers achieve these goals, your market research benefits. By helping them understand the purpose of what they do and how they affect it within their role, our project managers make better decisions in order to get your market research done the right way. 


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