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Meet CFR's Team of Market Researchers  

Our Executive Team


Curtis Burrow

Curtis has been working with CFR since January 2001. He is a respected leader who earns the trust of every customer and employee he works with by always looking out for the best interest of the research, the customer and our business. His direct communication style and unwavering integrity are guiding principles for everyone in our business. He is primarily responsible for customer service and IT.

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Colson Steber
President of the Insights Association Great Lakes Chapter
Member of Entrepreneur's Organization

Colson has been working with CFR since February 2012. Colson is a strategic thinker that relentlessly pursues achieving the goals we set. As a leader he is always focused on continuously improving and putting every person around him in a position to succeed. He is primarily responsible for finance and developing new customer relationships.

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Chris Kreiling
Chief Operating Officer

Chris has been working with CFR since December 2014. Everyone that Chris works with says he makes them feel very comfortable that he is looking out for them and making good business decisions about how to follow through on research.

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Katie Gonzales
Vice President, Research Engagement Center

Katie joined CFR in January of 2018 as an interviewer; and was quickly promoted to the QA team. After showing her willingness to learn about market research, Katie then became a Supervisor in 2018. With her new experience  behind her, Katie joined the Research Engagement team where she excelled as a Study Manager in mid 2019. After a great deal of hard work and dedication, she was then promoted to Vice President of the Research Engagement Center in December of 2021.




Ariel Coleman
Vice President, Community Operations Management

Ariel joined CFR in September 2014 as a member of Project Support. In May 2016 she was promoted to Project Manager, later moving to Senior Project Management in January 2019. She is passionate about continuing to learn and master new skills, and enjoys sharing those skills with others. This drive for continuous improvement has led Ariel to her role as VP of Community Operations Management, where she oversees recruiting and engagement of the company’s agriculture and consumer research communities.

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Lisa Maloney
Vice President, Qualitative Services

Lisa joined CFR in November 2018. Lisa has spent over 20 years in research project management roles. Lisa is a qualitative master with a high level understanding of how to deliver great service in any situation. Lisa is a great multi-tasker and continually looks out for her clients to make sure every project is a success.

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Our Market Research Management Team

CFR’s market researchers take ownership overachieving the research outcomes. They strive to serve the best interests of the research, our customers, and CFR. Each project is assigned a project manager to serve as the main point of contact and be the CFR team leader.




Mike Mostransky
Insights Director

Mike has been at CFR since September 2021. He joined us from a diverse sales and product background, his strengths in communication, relationship building and identifying challenges have made him a successful client partner for AG Access by Communications for Research.

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Angela McCue
Insights Director

Angela has been in the market research and insights industry for 15 years. Now in October of 2022, she joins CFR using her extensive experience in full service custom research to understand the position and needs of our clients. In each role, she has absorbed the methods and approaches that work best from experts in our field. A passion and willingness to learn from and support everyone around her sets the team up to succeed in delivering meaningful outcomes.

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Katie Taddei

Katie Taddei
Director of Marketing

Katie joined CFR in April 2023 and has been an excellent addition to our team. She has a background in market research and marketing which makes her the perfect person to speak to our customers about what we do best! Katie is an optimistic and enthusiastic problem solver that's always ready to take on a new challenge. 

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Meghan Slawnikowski
Lead Project Support

Meghan joined CFR in September 2018 and has been an excellent addition to our team. She has become essential in supporting projects from start to finish through analytical thinking, problem solving, and her innate attention to detail. Meghan thrives in team settings and works efficiently to solve problems while remaining calm under pressure. With her ambition to strive for perfection and good interpersonal and professional communication skills, she has recently been promoted to Lead Project Support. Through her expertise and guidance, Meghan will continue to manage and train our growing project support team!

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unnamed (a1)ㅤAudrye Tasevoli
Project Manager

ㅤAudrye has been working with CFR since October 2021. Audrye comes from a Market Research background  working for companies including DiscoveryㅤㅤChannel and the American Psychological Association. She has managed  ㅤ   ㅤ analytics teams and overseen large research  projects across for-profit and  ㅤ non-profit industries. She is a team player and enthusiastic about finding datato solve tough challenges.

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Sarah Rose Baker
Project Manager

Sarah joined CFR in September 2013. Sarah blends years of experience being the one getting the job done with great communication and teamwork. She is versatile and keeps her eye on what matters most, making her a great decision-maker to work with. As our resident farmer, Sarah is able to connect with her clients and anticipate their agriculture and animal health needs.






Jessica Golden
Project Manager; Qual Services

Jessica joined CFR in July of 2021 when CFR acquired the previous market research firm where she was a part of the recruiting team. After excelling as an executive recruiter, Jessica was promoted Qualitative Project Manager in January of 2022. Jesica partners closely with her clients to identify needs, and make sure that each project is successful. She brings a passion for customer relations and  strong critical thinking and decision making skills to our management team. 

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Joe Gaines
Project Manager

Joe has been with CFR since February 2022. Joe has a very diverse background in research and analytics, previously serving as a firm consultant within multiple industries. As a passionate learner, he is always in search of the most efficient method of problem solving. Coming from a mathematical practice, Joe prefers to incorporate data insights in making management decisions.

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unnamed-2Lori Reihs
Project Manager, Qual Services

Lori joined CFR in July of 2021.  She comes to us with a background in qualitative market research, administration and marketing.  She provides strong abilities in communication and collaboration with her clients, she also enjoys working with a team-oriented mentality.  Her proficiency for organization and attention to detail, as well as a strong work ethic helps her deliver positive outcomes for each project.






Trista Shockley
Community Operations Support

Trista joined CFR in February of 2015 as an interviewer, and was quickly promoted to the QA team and became a trainer in 2016. After showing her knowledge for research marketing Trista then became a Supervisor in 2018, along with the role of Training Manager. At the end of 2018, with her years of experience in the Research Engagement Center behind her, Trista joined the Research Logistics team where she was on the Project Support team prior to taking on the role of Community Operations Support.














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