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Meet CFR's Team of Market Researchers  

Our Executive Team


Curtis Burrow

Curtis has been working with CFR since January 2001. He is a respected leader who earns the trust of every customer and employee he works with by always looking out for the best interest of the research, the customer and our business.  His direct communication style and unwavering integrity are guiding principles for everyone in our business. He is primarily responsible for customer service and IT.

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Colson Steber
President of the Insights Association Great Lakes Chapter
Member of Entrepreneur's Organization

Colson has been working with CFR since February 2012. Colson is a strategic thinker that relentlessly pursues achieving the goals we set.  As a leader he is always focused on continuously improving and putting every person around him in a position to succeed.  He is primarily responsible for finance and developing new customer relationships.

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Kim Rose
Operations Manager

Kim has been working with CFR since February 2000. Kim's experience covers nearly every service delivery activity at CFR including telephone interviewing, phone room management, and project management.  She is the driving force that makes our project and call centers run efficiently and effectively.


Chris Kreiling
Vice President, Client Services

Chris has been working with CFR since December 2014. Everyone that Chris works with says he makes them feel very comfortable that he is looking out for them and making good business decisions about how to follow through on research.  

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Our Market Research Management Team

CFR’s market researchers take ownership overachieving the research outcomes. They strive to serve the best interests of the research, our customers, and CFR. Each project is assigned a project manager to serve as the main point of contact and be the CFR team leader. 


Jason Lorah
Account Manager
Member of National Agri-Marketing Association

Jason has been at CFR since November 2015.  Jason rose quickly from call center supervisor into new roles. Now as an Account Manager he works with customers as their first point of contact with an in-depth knowledge of our business.  Jason's ability to understand others situations and see how he can help them makes him a great partner.

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Lisa Maloney
Project Manager

Lisa joined CFR in November 2018.  Lisa has spent over 20 years in research project management roles. Lisa is a qualitative master with a high level understanding of how to deliver great service in any situation. Lisa is a great multi-tasker and continually looks out for her clients to make sure every project is a success.


Mitch Schiller
Project Manager

Mitch joined CFR in June 2019.  Mitch is a talented research analyst that pushes for technically driven realistic solutions to difficult research situations. Mitch has a mind for using machine learning and deep learning techniques to solve business problems in a practical and ethical way.

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Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 4.01.04 PMSarah Baker
Project Manager
Sarah joined CFR in September 2013.  Sarah blends years of experience being the one getting the job done with great communication and teamwork.  She is versatile and keeps her eye on what matters most, making her a great decision-maker to work with.  As our resident farmer, Sarah is able to connect with her clients and anticipate their agriculture and animal health needs.





Sarah Kurple
Project Manager

Sarah joined CFR in May 2013. Sarah draws on her passion for market research to be great at project management. She is constantly pushing for the opportunity to learn new things. Her strengths are in managing the research process and enjoying digging into learning about research analysis. Her willingness to challenge herself to learn more about research and how to serve customers better makes her a great person to build a working relationship with. 

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Ariel Coleman
Senior Project Manager

Ariel joined CFR in September 2014 as a member of Project Support, and in May 2016 she was promoted to Project Manager. She is passionate about continuing to learn and master new skills, and enjoys showing those skills to others. Ariel approaches managing studies with a very analytical and outcome-driven frame of mind in order to achieve desired project outcomes. 

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