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How Successful Businesses Make the Most of Their Marketing Research Processes

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/16/2018

There’s a saying in the business world: “If you’re not changing, you’re dying.” A bit dramatic, maybe, but it’s a sentiment that smart businesses take to heart if they want to stay relevant in a quickly and constantly evolving world. One of the best ways that companies can stay abreast of trends and monitor their own status within a market is..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of August 13, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 08/15/2018

Corn silking is now finished for 2018!  We are on to corn in the dough and dented stage.  Corn in the dough stage is now at 73% this week; this higher than the past progress by 15-17%.  Only NC is reporting progress behind their progress of previous years.  NC is also one of the furthest along states at 91% in the dough stage. All states are..

10 User Experience Best Practices for Online Surveys

Posted by Colson Steber on 08/13/2018

An online survey can be a useful (and quick) way to get solid, usable data for your business. It can also be an easy way to seriously irritate a large number of people. There are countless articles on the worldwide web about online surveys, cautioning businesses to avoid everything from too many questions to too few respondents. If you want to..

3 Types of Market Research: Which Does Your Business Need?

Posted by Colson Steber on 08/9/2018

The field of market research is a swiftly evolving one as social media platforms and other burgeoning technologies allow massive amounts of information to be gleaned in decreasing amounts of time and effort. But while big data has changed how researchers around the world collect and analyze information, it hasn’t changed the ways researchers ..

6 Rules for Writing Successful Survey Questions

Posted by Colson Steber on 08/6/2018

Designing survey questions is not the time to satisfy your latent desire to be the next great William Shakespeare or David Sedaris or Agatha Christie. No matter how much you long to demonstrate your mastery of words or your comedic flair or your ability to enthrall, surveys should be straightforward, simple and totally free of the kind of..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of July 30, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 07/31/2018

Corn silking reached 100% in IL and MO this week.  All states are reporting at least 65% silking with the average at 91% silking this week.  Corn in the dough stage is at 38% overall with all states now reporting corn in this stage.  The average progress in this stage is ahead of that from previous years by 17-18%.  Next week’s report will..

What Motivates Someone to Take a Market Research Survey?

Posted by Communications for Research on 07/30/2018
We’ve all done it: thrown away or ignored a survey. Whether it was because we didn’t have the time or the interest to fill it out, the result was the same. Some company didn’t get the information it wanted. So what can businesses do to motivate someone to take a market research survey? After more than 20 years in the business of market research..

6 Resources That Will Make Your Company Better at Product Testing

Posted by Communications for Research on 07/26/2018

Testing a product is a critical step in the market research process. It’s also a step that can be easily overlooked by businesses reluctant to face possible criticism for a product or service in which they have invested their time and money, not to mention their hearts. Nevertheless, quality feedback on a product before it officially makes its..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of July 23, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 07/24/2018

Corn in the dough stage is now included in the progress report.  This is a stage of growth where the corn kernels have a ‘doughy’ consistency due to the continued starch accumulation.  Overall, corn in the dough stage is at 18% which is 10% ahead of the average from previous years.  All states except for ND and WI are reporting some corn in the..

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Market Segmentation

Posted by Communications for Research on 07/23/2018
Most businesses don’t succeed on luck alone. Most invest a lot of time and resources into uncovering what consumers want and how much they are willing to pay for it through comprehensive market research studies. They also segment their market; they divide their consumers in to groups based on similar, shared characteristics. This enables..
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