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4 Business Research Methods You Should Consider

Posted by Communications for Research on 03/31/2020

Business research is not unlike other types of research: it seeks to answer a question. This question (also called an objective) serves as the backbone of any research project, guiding researchers toward meaningful answers that offer opportunity for actionable results. As the foundation of the research endeavor, then, the research objective..

Farm Market Research 101: How to Reach Your Target Audience

Posted by Communications for Research on 03/13/2020

Farm Market Research 101: How to Reach Your Target Audience

One of the most difficult parts of any business plan is figuring out how to introduce a great product to the right audience. Great products and services are only valuable when they reach the people who need and want them. Failing to find the right market can turn your latest great..

Conceptual vs. Empirical Research: Which is Right for Your Company?

Posted by Communications for Research on 02/28/2020

Theory and evidence are the cornerstones of good research technique. The theory, or “concept,” drives the collection of data, or “evidence;” indeed, without a concept, there can be no meaningful research results, only a collection of abstract facts and numbers. In this way, all scientific research involves both conceptual and empirical research..

Introducing the Petfood Industry Confidence Index

Posted by Communications for Research on 02/18/2020

Communications for Research is excited to partner with Petfood Industry on the Petfood Industry Confidence Index!

We have recently partnered with Petfood Industry magazine to create an anonymous online questionnaire, which Petfood Industry readers will be asked to complete. The questions are designed to gain insights into what’s going on within..

Business Research 101: The Process from Design to Results

Posted by Communications for Research on 02/14/2020

Managing a successful company depends on good planning, as well as some luck. To increase the likelihood of both, smart businesses conduct research so that they can better understand their place in a market and gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. With good data, they can make informed decisions about how to..

12 Market Research Topics Your Company Might Want to Explore

Posted by Communications for Research on 01/31/2020

You know what they say about assuming: don’t do it! While some assumptions benefit us in the short term — like when we see a large animal barreling down on us with bared teeth and we take off in the other direction or when we grab our raincoat upon seeing darkening skies — most of the time, they only pander to fears that have nothing to do with..

Why Your Business Should Be Doing Applied Research

Posted by Communications for Research on 12/30/2019

There are two types of research: fundamental and applied. The first is essentially the exploration of natural phenomena so that scientists can better understand and accurately anticipate them. The practical application of any information learned during fundamental research is considered neither a motivator nor a consequence of the process, and,..

Observational Research: When Should You Observe vs. Survey?

Posted by Communications for Research on 12/26/2019

Observation is one of the original guiding principles for scientific inquiry. It is essential for collecting data, forming hypotheses and testing theories. But how do you know when to observe and when to actually start asking questions? For market researchers, it can be a difficult choice. Here’s what you need to know:

What Does a “Research Logistics” Company Do?

Posted by Communications for Research on 11/29/2019

In general terms, “logistics” refers to the careful management of all the processes involved in a business operation or project. A company with good logistics has a firm hand on the organization, as well as the execution, of its activities so that everyone in the firm is informed, engaged and motivated to perform proficiently at all times.

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