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3 Challenges B2B Market Research Sampling And How to Overcome Them

3 Challenges B2B Market Research Sampling And How to Overcome Them

With a smaller population size more focused on results and decision-making, B2B (business-to-business) market research can be a perfect proving ground to observe trends or test theories. On the other hand, B2B market research poses some of its own challenges. Learn how to overcome the challenges of market research sampling and other issues using these three clever tactics:
1. Problem: Too Small of a Sample Size
Having a small market research sample size can plague the accuracy of your results. Any intended outcome in terms of observed trends or hypothesis testing becomes akin to making a pitcher of juice from a single orange: you squeeze out all you can, even if some of it would not normally be considered usable.

In B2B market research, this issue can present itself more readily since there is a smaller population to choose from and response rates will be about the same as B2C.

Solution: Narrow your population window to decrease your needed sample size, employ tactics to increase response rates or use a professional market research recruiter.
2. Problem: Recruits Keep Dropping Off, Delaying Participation
When something important comes across your research participants’ desk, your study is almost guaranteed to get pushed to the back burner. The more things that come up, the longer you end up sitting back there. A minor delay can quickly become major as weeks turn into months and progress is stalled.

Solution: It is not you and it is not them—it is the nature of business. Simply allot your research a wider time frame to give your sample the large window of opportunity they need to fit you in. Also make sure to select multiple forms of communication when making or confirming appointments since this will increase your chances of a communication response.
3. Problem: Not Reaching Decision Makers
Whether your market research instrument is a survey, an interview or any other sort of data collection, finding out what the people in charge have to say is usually the prime goal. However, getting your market research instrument into the hands of these “head honchos” is no easy task. These high-ranking execs usually have more on their plate, and they are also more wary of giving in to activities they deem as “time wasters,” which can very easily include market research inquiries.

Solution: Indicate relevance and add a little flattery by declaring your survey as exclusive to top-level executives and decision makers. You can also use professional market research recruiters who specialize in locating the desired demographic.
Getting the B2B Market Research Sampling Results You Need
As you may have noticed, many of these problems can be solved with the aid of a professional B2B market research sampling recruiter. If you are looking for the right partner, check out our handy guide to getting the most from your research vendor.

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