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5 Best Practices for a Customer Feedback Survey

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/15/2019

Evaluation is part of any growth process. We keep tabs on our health as we physically mature, take tests to assess our knowledge as we progress through school and seek ways to understand our feelings as we deal with our problems (at least theoretically!). Taking a step back and examining where we are, where we want to be and the steps we are..

How to Get a Better Market Research ROI

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/23/2019

Measuring the return on an investment (ROI) is part of good business practice. Both large and small companies must calculate the value of the items they buy, as well as the processes they create, in order to determine whether the time, effort and money they are spending to obtain and/or facilitate each of them is actually reaping any benefits...

3 Market Research Methods that the Pros Use

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/15/2019

Professional market researchers rarely perform the same way twice. That’s because they understand that the complexities of individual companies’ business objectives render a “one size fits all” data collection approach sloppy at best and completely inappropriate at worst. Indeed, the pros that really “get” market research are the ones that..

What to Ask a Healthcare Market Research Firm When Picking a Partner

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/8/2019

Picking a research partner is an important decision that shouldn’t be made simply for convenience. It’s easy to go with a local firm. Or a cheaper one. Or the one where your best friend’s brother works. But as with most things in life, performance depends on effort, with “easy” not always equaling “right.” Thus, when you’re contemplating a..

What Do Market Research & Competitive Analysis Have in Common?

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/1/2019

Spend any time in the working world, and you realize that the more you know, the better you perform. Indeed, you’ve probably learned this lesson via other areas of your life, whether it was during your 9th grade history class or your baby’s first year; Knowledge yields, and certainly wields, power. For companies, this often means figuring out ..

How Does Verbatim Coding Benefit Your Survey Data Analysis?

Posted by Communications for Research on 07/25/2019

If you ask most people to think about survey research, the majority will probably conjure up a vision of the multiple choice assessments typically used to summarize and/or rank responses according to predetermined and generalized themes. However, a lot of good research, especially good market research, relies on researchers figuring out what..

3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Research Data Collection Companies

Posted by Communications for Research on 07/18/2019

Good research depends on good questions. And if you’re contemplating a market research project — a frequent necessity for businesses wanting to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing and increasingly global markets — you’ve probably thought about some of the questions you might want consumers to answer for you. But have you considered the..

How to Recognize and Prevent Bias in Research

Posted by Communications for Research on 07/12/2019

Businesses conduct market research in order to learn more about customer preferences and market behavior. The validity of any conclusions drawn necessarily depends on how well these businesses (and/or the firms they hire) recognize their own assumptions, preferences and prejudices and how hard they work to mitigate them as they select samples,..

What is CATI Programming in Market Research?

Posted by Communications for Research on 07/3/2019

There are many ways to “do” market research, with nearly as many methods and tools to choose from as there are businesses to use them. It’s one of the reasons why we here at Communications for Research (CFR) truly love our profession. With each research project we undertake, we not only get to use our research skills, we get to be creative,..

3 Customer Experience Research Methods You Should Explore

Posted by Communications for Research on 06/27/2019

Having a great product or idea is only part of a successful business model. In today’s world of mass consumerism, companies have to also stand out from competitors who offer similar goods and aggressive pricing. To do this, companies are focusing on making every interaction they have with customers a positive one. In this way, customer..

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