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Crop Progress Report for the Week of August 5, 2019

Posted by Colson Steber on 08/8/2019

Corn silking is at 78% overall where it was at 95% last year.  MI is the only state reporting under 50% and WI is reporting 53% this week.  NC is almost finished with this growth stage at 99% silking.  In 2018, IL and MO had already reached 100% silking by this time of year.  All states are now reporting corn in the dough stage with states still under 10%.  This progress is 31% behind 2018.  Furthest ahead is NC with 87% dough.

Soybeans blooming is at 72% overall.  All states are reporting over 50% blooming with MI reporting 57% - in 2018 MI had 83% blooming for this time of year.  LA had reported 100% by this time of year and is reporting 99% this week.  Soybeans setting pods are at 37% this week.  There are still states reporting under 20% setting pods.

Cotton squaring is at 95% overall and AZ and LA are reporting 100%!  For this time of year, last year, AR, LA, MO, and TN were reporting 100%.  Cotton setting bolls are at 59% overall.  For this time of year, AR and MO reported 100% in 2018.  MO and OK are reporting under 50% setting bolls this year.

Peanuts pegging are nearly finished at 92%.  Most states except for OK and TX are reporting over 90% pegging.

Sorghum headed is nearly halfway at 45%.  KS, SD, and OK are reporting under 40% headed.  All states are now reporting sorghum coloring, all but TX are below 10% coloring.  TX is reporting 71%.

Rice headed is at 60%.  TX is nearly finished with 94% headed.

Progress of corn dented, cotton bolls opening, rice harvest, and sorghum mature are expected in the next report.

This information is from the USDA Crop Progress Report and is available here: Crop Progress 8-05-2019.


Crop Progress August 4, 2018 July 28, 2019 August 4, 2019

2014-2018 Average

Corn (silking) 95 58 78 93
Corn (dough) 54 13 23 42
Soybeans (blooming) 91 57 72 87
Soybeans (setting pods) 73 21 37 63
Cotton (squaring) 91 86 95 93
Cottong (setting bolls) 58 45 59 61
Sorghum (headed) 67 33 45 62
Sorghum (coloring) 30 21 23 30
Peanuts (pegging) 89 84 92 91
Rice (headed) 79 42 60 73

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