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Crop Progress Report for the Week of June 05, 2017

Posted by Colson Steber on 06/6/2017


Corn planting is coming to an end, just 1% behind progress from previous years.  No states are reporting their corn planting finished; all states except for PA are reporting over 90% planted.  Last year we saw IA, MN, MO, and WI finished with planting at this time.  Corn emerged is at 86% overall, behind the five year average by 1% and last year’s progress by 2%.  TN and NC are reporting over 95% emerged.  Corn condition is not as strong as it was in 2016.  2016 reported 14% of the corn crop in excellent condition and 61% in good condition.  This week we’re seeing only 10% excellent and 58% good condition.  Corn planting is expected to finish through this week.

Soybean planting is now at 83% overall, LA is almost finished at 96% planted.  WI had the most progress through the week, now standing at 73% planted compared to 45% last week.  KS and KY are both exceeding their 2016 progress by 19%.  While soybean planting is ahead of previous years’ progress emergence is still slightly behind.  Overall emergence is at 58%, 4% behind 2016’s progress at this time of year.  Next week’s report is expected to include crop condition for soybeans, planting will continue through the week.

Cotton planting is now ahead of 2016’s progress!  LA is also finished with cotton planting for this year!  All states, with the exception of KS at 63% planted, are reporting over 70% planted.  Cotton squaring is also ahead of progress from previous years at 11% overall.  Only KS, MO, and OK are not reporting any of their crop in this growth stage.  MO’s planting progress is at 95% where KS and OK are less than 75% planted.  Cotton crop condition is now included in the report.  So far, we are seeing a stronger crop than in 2016 with 8% in excellent condition (same as 2016), 53% good condition (39% in 2016), 33% fair (41% in 2016), and 6% in poor condition with 11% from 2016.  0% of cotton is reported as being in poor condition.

Rice planting is finished for 2017!  LA and TX are reporting 100% of rice emerged with AR reporting 99%.  The slow start for CA is reflected in only 30% of their rice crop emerged.  Rice condition is rather close to 2016’s crop condition.  We are seeing 13% in excellent condition (same as 2016), 53% good condition (54% for 2016), 25% fair (23% in 2016), 7% poor condition (same as 2016), and 2% in very poor condition (3% in 2016).

Sorghum planting continues with AR and LA nearly finished at 99% planted.  Overall is at 55% planted; the slower progress through the week puts the crop behind previous years’ progress.

Peanuts are now at 91% planted and are not forecasted to finish planting this week.  No states are reporting planting finished but we are seeing FL, GA, SC, and TX reporting over 90% planted now.  TX had made the most progress through the week going from 72% planted to 91%.  Peanut crop condition is now available.  The crop looks stronger compared to 2016 with 10% excellent condition (same as 2016), 62% good (58% in 2016), 25% fair (31 in 2016), and 3% poor condition (1% in 2016).

Sunflower planting made significant progress through the week, surpassing the halfway mark for 61% planted overall.  ND is nearing the end of planting with 81% planted; progress of 23% through the week.  Sunflower progress is now ahead of the progress from 2016 (by 2%) and is ahead of the five year average by 17%

Spring wheat planting is finished for 2017!  Spring wheat emerged is also almost finished at 90% overall with MN and SD reporting 100% emerged this week.  The crop condition is not as strong as it was in 2016 with 7% excellent, 48% good, 34% fair, 8% poor, and 3% very poor.  2016 reported an additional 4% excellent and 20% in good condition, and reported 15% less in fair condition, 6% less in poor, and reported 0% in very poor condition. 



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