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Crop Progress Report for the Week of June 20, 2016

Posted by Colson Steber on 06/20/2016

Soybeans are projected to be finished planting next week.  The crop is at 96% planted overall with IA, MI, MN, and ND reporting 100% planted.  All soybean states besides KS, KY, NC, and TN are reporting over 90% planted.  This is ahead of the progress from past years.  With planting slightly ahead of schedule for soybeans it looks like emergence is also ahead of previous years.  The states are reporting 89% emergence which is 10% more than last week and 5% more than the previous 5 year average.  

Cotton is also projected to be finished planting by next week.  CA and LA are now finished planting but TN hasn’t advanced since last week and is still reporting 99% planted.  Cotton planting, overall, is at 95%.  KS is the only state that isn’t reporting over 90% planted.  KS is at 68% planted which is 12% ahead compared to last year.  This state is behind its 5 year average by 22%.  This is most likely due to the slow progress last week.

Sorghum again shows the most progress for the week (12%) to stand at 88% planted.  CO and KS displayed the most progress through the week with a 22% increase.  It is interesting to note that even though sorghum appears to be right on track with historical averages (2% ahead), looking at each state’s historical average, some are as far as 22% behind and others 12% ahead.  

Peanuts are finished planting for 2016!

Sunflower planting continues to be strong KS and CO advanced the most with 19% more planted from last week.  All states are reporting progress ahead of their 5 year average.  The overall progress is 10% ahead of last year and the 5 year average.

Even though rice is finished planting, it is worth noting that rice heading is now beginning in AR, CA, and MO.  TX, LA, and MS are reporting at least 14% headed.

The table below lists progress of 4 crops currently in planting.


The link to this week’s PDF report can be found here: Crop Progress 6-20

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