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Crop Progress Report for the Week of November 19, 2019

Posted by Colson Steber on 11/19/2019

Corn harvest is at 76% this week.  No new states are reporting 100% harvested.  Some states are still reporting below 40% harvested, ND for example is at 23% harvested.

Soy harvest is now at 91% harvested.  No new states are reporting 100% harvested.  Slowest progress is in NC at 61% harvested.  Most other states are at least 80% harvested.

Cotton harvest is at 68% overall, ahead of the progress from previous years.  Only KS is under 50% harvested.

Sorghum harvest is at 93% overall.  NE and SD are the only states under 80% at this point.

Peanut harvest is at 93%.  FL recently hit 100% harvested.  All states except for TX are reporting at least 80% harvested.

Sunflower harvest is at 47%.  CO and KS are reporting 92% harvested and ND is at 34% while SD is at 49% harvested.

This information is from the USDA Crop Progress Report and is available here: Crop Progress 11-17-2019.

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