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Easy to Answer Screener Questions Make for Better Responses

Building surveys that give you highly accurate responses that pertain to the focus group is a challenging task. Tightening up your script and working hard to make one question flow into another will go a long way in helping you engage and keep your respondents. Keep your audience in mind and understand that they do not know or utilize the jargon that you might be completely familiar and comfortable with. Properly phrasing your screener questions and keeping your intended audience in mind can help you develop a survey that resonates with them. The object of the your survey is not to confuse or trick people—you want responders who finish all the questions and give you good, qualifying answers.

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Slimmed Down Answer Options Get Accurate Responses

Keeping a responder interested in a survey is one thing; you can gain respondents by using clear, easy to understand language, and steering away from jargon and client-specific terms. In addition, keeping your response possibilities low can help respondents focused and interested, netting better and more accurate results. Studies suggest six or fewer response options for each question, so keep that in mind when building your survey design. Keeping the options to a minimum makes reading easier and helps respondents stay focused and interested in the survey. The most accurate and eligible responses come from survey takers that are invested in answering honestly.

Keep It Simple to Up Survey Results

Using simple language in your survey script, and asking accurate survey demographic questions with easy to read and comprehensible answers can lead to more accurate results. Using information from only specific demographics is wildly important, and having enough information to build functional results is necessary. Simple language and limited response options makes sure that respondents stay engaged and give you the best possible responses.

Survey Design Best Practices and Screening Question Template


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