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Market Research & Workflows: How to Reach Your Audience With the Right Messaging at the Right Time

market researchIf you’re looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, one option you might consider investing in is marketing automation software. Instead of manually sending out emails and social media messages, marketing automation can make repetitive tasks easier which is why it is so popular. One of the most useful tools marketing automation software provides is the opportunity to send a series of emails out, depending on whether certain conditions have been met. This is called a workflow!

With a workflow, it’s important to get timing and messaging correct. If you are sending too many emails too quickly, then a person is likely to become disengaged. If you are sending them too slowly, then a person might have already found another vendor and forgotten about your business. Then for messaging, you want to be sure that your emails connect with the reader and help them with a problem or educate them. Providing the wrong information is an easy way to disengage a user.

So how can you reach your audience with the right messaging at the right time? Lean on market research data! Here’s a quick glance of the insights market research can uncover to help your workflows:

  • Find your most lucrative buyer persona - By finding the potential buyer that is worth the most to you, you can determine who to target with a workflow. Because you want to ensure that content is specific and relevant, narrowing workflow messaging down to one buyer persona will produce more engagement.

  • Discover what your ideal customer cares about most - Whether it is a low price, better quality or more attentive service, your customer have an array of pain points that your product or service targets. So once you find your buyer persona, discover what their pain points are and prioritize them in order of importance. These are the message you need to focus on in your workflow emails.

  • Optimize your sales cycle and find the right timing - Workflows should always have a goal in mind and more often than not, that goal is converting a visitor into a sales-qualified lead. By using market research to optimize your sales cycle and to find the optimal timing for sales, you’ll know the ideal timing for your emails. Plus you can even perform testing on the timing of your current workflows to see what adjustments cause the best conversion rates.

Market Research & Workflows: How to Reach Your Audience With the Right Messaging at the Right Time

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