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Market Research and Focus Groups: When Do Focus Groups Make Sense?

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/22/2018

With the adoption of technologies that offer convenient engagement opportunities, it might seem as if the traditional focus group has seen its day come and go. Market research online communities (MROCs), mobile and social media platforms that allow near 24/7 feedback, as well as chat rooms and video and photo diaries, mean market researchers..

How to Use Neuroscience in Market Research for Better Results

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/18/2018

Market research relies upon a respondent’s ability to articulate his or her feelings about a particular product, idea and/or experience. Through market research measures, especially qualitative ones, businesses attempt to bring to light the intricate motivators affecting consumer buying behavior. Yet, we all know that feelings are rarely..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of October 15, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 10/17/2018


Corn mature is now at 96% overall with IN most recently reporting 100%.  Corn mature is projected to reach 100% overall through this week.  Corn harvest is at 39% overall.  This is ahead of 2017 by 12%!  All states are reporting at least 15% harvested and NC is reporting 91% harvested; nearly finished.

When Does Your Business Need B2B Relationship Assessments?

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/15/2018

Consumer needs dictate business operations. What people want and believe they need propels companies around the globe to provide products, services and encounters to meet those demands. For business-to-business transactions, where sales cycles are long and complicated with high financial stakes, companies must ensure that they meet their..

The Basics of Pharmaceutical Market Research

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/11/2018

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar business tasked with researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing drugs for human and animal use. The stakes are high; lives and money are on the line each time a new medicine is conceived. And because the process from drug conception to its delivery is a long one, it’s important..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of October 8, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 10/10/2018



Corn mature is at 93%; ahead of previous years by at least 10%.  IL, MO, and NC are reporting 100% corn mature.  In the corn mature stage, the only progress behind that of previous years is in TX where the maturing progress is behind 2017 by 4%.  All other states are meeting or exceeding their progress in previous years.  Overall corn..

Big Data + Market Research: How They Work Together

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/8/2018

Contrary to what you might think, big data isn’t a substitute for quality market research. While it is easy to assume that the information that big data affords can replace the singular data sets that come from an organization’s own research efforts, the fact remains that market research will always be needed to create context around the..

An Introduction to Education Market Research

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/4/2018

Despite the rising costs, more and more Americans are choosing to pursue an education. The last decade, especially, has ushered in new ways of learning that enable people of all ages the chance to finance and receive certificates and degrees (high school, bachelor’s and associate) that might previously have been unattainable due to..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of October 1, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 10/3/2018

Corn mature is now at 86%; 20% ahead of 2017’s progress.  NC is reporting the most progress at 99% mature.  Corn harvest is at 26% harvested.  Most states are reporting at least 10% harvested with MN, ND, and PA reporting under 10%.  Overall progress is ahead of 2017 by 10%.

Soybeans dropping leaves are now at 83% overall.  This progress is..

3 Reasons Why Free Market Research Reports Are a Bad Idea

Posted by Communications for Research on 10/1/2018

In today’s rapidly changing markets, it’s critical that businesses make the most out of their budgets, as well as their time; otherwise they risk losing out to their competitors. It’s not enough to have a great product. Companies have to strategically think about the ways they manufacture, distribute and promote it, as well. And because market..

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