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Crop Progress Report for the Week of April 22, 2019

Posted by Colson Steber on 04/23/2019


Corn planting is now at 6% with MI, MN, ND, PA, and SD the only states to not start planting yet.  Compared to the progress from 2018, none of these states were planting by this time of year.  On the other hand; IA, OH, and WI are planting (1-4% progress) now where in 2018 they had not started planting by this time of year.  TX has the most..

What is the Purpose of Market Research?

Posted by Communications for Research on 04/19/2019

Market research, while often sophisticated in its design, is actually quite simple in its objective: to foster insight into market conditions so that companies can hopefully make better business decisions. Fundamentally, all companies want to reduce their risks and maximize their opportunities, either turning a profit or improving lives,..

Why Market Research is Essential for the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Communications for Research on 04/12/2019

According to research compiled by Deloitte, global healthcare spending is projected to reach $10.059 trillion by 2022. An aging population that is larger than previous cohorts means more people will need chronic disease treatment for longer periods of time and more people will ultimately need dementia care each year. It’s a scenario that is..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of April 8, 2019

Posted by Colson Steber on 04/10/2019


2019 corn planting has started!  The only states planting currently are KS, KY, MO, NC, TN, and TX.  KY had not started planting at this time last year, all other states are at about the same progress as they were in 2018.  TN, KY, and TX are the only states ahead of their 5 year average progress.

Common Market Research Objectives and How to Reach Them

Posted by Communications for Research on 04/4/2019

Market research is the calculated and often complicated process of identifying the most pertinent aspects of a marketplace so that a company can glean and then use insight to effectuate better (i.e., more profitable) business decisions. While sometimes confused with marketing research, which is a more narrow type of research focused primarily..

Market Research and Analytics: The Key to Making Better Business Decisions

Posted by Communications for Research on 03/28/2019

Getting good data: it’s the key to making good decisions. Accurate information enables businesses to anticipate and respond to market demand and, hopefully, turn a profit at the end of the day.

Market Research for the Restaurant Industry: What You Should Know

Posted by Communications for Research on 03/22/2019

The restaurant industry is a competitive one. There are more dining establishments and more diners now than during any other time in history; the National Restaurant Association reports over 1 million restaurant locations in the U.S. alone, a particular boon considering more than half the American population visits at least one of them each..

How Quality Market Research Can Impact Your Internet Marketing Plan

Posted by Communications for Research on 03/15/2019

It’s fairly hard to run a company these days without an online presence. Over four billion people — over half of the world’s population — use the Internet, with most of them expecting the ability to check their computer or phone for additional information about the businesses they encounter. It seems, first and foremost, a good internet..

Market Research Observation: Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by Communications for Research on 03/11/2019

The inherent nature of human psychology makes it hard for the average person to accurately describe an event. Physiological and cognitive processes occurring in our brains as we experience and think about our lives serve to retain, categorize and recall only the pieces of information we deem most valuable, thus creating memories for us that..

The Importance of Market Research in the Higher Education Realm

Posted by Communications for Research on 02/28/2019

Data-driven decision making is the key to success for all businesses. The more facts and figures a company has, the better able it is to assess its policies, procedures, products and services, maintaining or altering them as needed to meet public demand.

But good data doesn’t just benefit for-profit organizations; we all use information to..

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