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Telephone Depth Interviews: Data Collection Advantages and Disadvantages

telephone depth interviewsWith the advancement of web-centric methodologies, it might seem that today’s market researchers no longer have any need for the traditional telephone interview. Specifically, the telephone depth interview might seem like a waste of time when the Internet seemingly offers much the same benefit with fewer associated costs. But with the world’s population quickly approaching a decidedly mobile-oriented focus, the telephone remains a viable way for market researchers to stay connected with consumers. To determine if the tele-depth interview is right for your business, take a look at some of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Frequently secures better participation rates. It’s harder for many potential respondents to refuse a personal request for help.
  • Allows interviewers to explore respondent answers, asking for clarification when information is unclear and requesting further details when appropriate. This leads to richer insights.
  • Potentially facilitates more data by making it easier for respondents to reveal intimate or confidential material since they are not embarrassed being face-to-face with their interviewer.
  • Often cheaper than focus groups or face-to-face depth interviews because there are no costs for travel, lodging/meeting spaces or food.
  • Collection of demographic information for mobile telephone users is relatively easy, providing a rich and varied way to gather a more representative sample and better target potential respondents.
  • Can help bolster a company’s image and brand when interviewers are well-trained and personable and leave respondents with favorable impressions.
  • Increases diversity of respondents. Geographic limitations are eliminated because nearly everyone in the world has access to a phone of some sort. Thus, it’s easy to reach almost anyone.
  • More convenient for respondents since they can choose to either pick up the call or not, depending on their own schedule and willingness.
  • Faster than waiting on face-to-face respondents to make arrangements to meet with an interviewer.


  • Calls could be perceived as annoying, limiting the number of respondents willing to participate.
  • Because there is no face-to-face interaction, interviewers are not privy to the subtle information relayed through a respondent’s body language. This could lead to the loss of important data.
  • Often fewer or less complex questions are asked in order to limit the amount of time a respondent is kept on the line. Interviews lasting too long risk being discontinued by impatient participants.

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At Communications for Research (CFR), we understand the value of tele-depth interviews. We have highly-trained call center interviewers that reach out to potential respondents with multiple calls at different times and on different days; we do all we can to get you actionable results. Contact us to speak with our co-CEO Colson Steber and see how we can provide quality tele-depth interview services that will give you the data you need to make skilled and insightful decisions in 2018.

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