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3 Ways CFR's Proven Process Delivers Market Research Confidence

Every business endeavor needs a comprehensive plan with established processes in place. It’s also crucial that while the big picture covers all the bases, it must be customizable and fine-tuned as needed for each customer’s audience and goals, both long and short-term. Nothing is guaranteed, but with a well-crafted and thorough process, the odds..

When Does Your Business Need B2B Relationship Assessments?

Consumer needs dictate business operations. What people want and believe they need propels companies around the globe to provide products, services and encounters to meet those demands. For business-to-business transactions, where sales cycles are long and complicated with high financial stakes, companies must ensure that they meet their..

How Do You Measure the B2B Customer Experience?

According to research completed over the past five years, by 2020 customer experience (CX) will be the single most influential factor for consumers as they make the decision to support one brand over another. It’s a telling prediction, and one that highlights consumers’ heightened expectations as technologies, social media and other personalized..

B2B vs B2C Market Research: How It Differs

In essence, market research is about capturing, analyzing, interpreting and reporting on data about a market, so that organizations (e.g. corporations, public sector agencies, non-profit groups, etc.) can make informed and therefore successful decisions pertaining to customers, products/services, competitors, and so on. For example, a business..

20 Market Research Questions That Your Business Needs to Answer

Market research is not just the most potent, proven and practical method to answer critically important business questions, but it is the only way that does so in a reliable manner. Otherwise, instead of getting meaningful data, executives and leaders are forced to rely on gut feels and guesstimates. That’s not strategic – that’s luck!   

Below we..

Why Customer Feedback is So Valuable to Your Market Research Plan

One of the ironies in the world of market research, is that while customer feedback is so incredibly valuable, many businesses fail to see it as a part of their market research data collection strategy. While many market researchers just want to push forward and discover new opportunities in product offerings and new markets, some of the best..

What Roles Do Profiling and Segmentation Play in Market Research?

At the core, all businesses – regardless of the industry, sector or field -- want to send the right messages, to the right customers, through the right channels, at the right time, and in the right way. This is where profiling and segmentation enter the picture, and can make the difference in helping a business rise to the top of its marketplace..

When Should Market Research Focus Groups be Part of Your Research Plan?

Whether they are conducted in a physical setting or virtually through technology, market research focus groups continue to be one of the most valuable methods of generating qualitative data.

Indeed, there are precise and penetrating insights that simply cannot be gleaned through other primary methods, such as direct mail, online surveys, or..

3 Scenarios When Market Research is a Bad Idea

As one of the country’s most experienced full-service market research firms, you might assume that we always emphatically answer “yes!” to the question “should we do market research?”

However, you may be surprised to learn that there have been numerous times over the years where we have found ourselves in the rather interesting position of talking..

5 Questions to Help Determine Your Market Research Budget

It is widely understood that large enterprises invest millions of dollars a year on both quantitative and qualitative market research. However, it is far less well known that market research is just as important -- if not in some cases more vital -- for smaller businesses, since competing primarily or exclusively on price is typically not an..

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