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How Does Verbatim Coding Benefit Your Survey Data Analysis?

If you ask most people to think about survey research, the majority will probably conjure up a vision of the multiple choice assessments typically used to summarize and/or rank responses according to predetermined and generalized themes. However, a lot of good research, especially good market research, relies on researchers figuring out what they..

Market Research and Analytics: The Key to Making Better Business Decisions

Getting good data: it’s the key to making good decisions. Accurate information enables businesses to anticipate and respond to market demand and, hopefully, turn a profit at the end of the day.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Data Analysis Techniques for Market Research

In today’s business world, getting data isn’t hard. The ubiquity of the Internet, and especially mobile phones, has made it easier than ever for companies of all sizes and across all industries to monitor consumer engagement and collect transactional data for their customers.

Big Data Is Transforming Healthcare in Big Ways

The healthcare industry has always been grappling with the huge volumes of information they generate during providing their services. Now, that data may actually be helping companies.

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