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Data Collection Solutions to 3 Common Business Problems

When developed, designed and deployed appropriately, data collection solutions play a key role in generating actionable market research insights that can solve a myriad of business problems. Below, we highlight 3 of the most common and valuable data solutions your business can benefit from:

1. How Data Collections Solutions Generate Market..

3 Best Practices for Creating a Data Collection Plan

There are several plans (and even more sub-plans) that combine to create a robust, comprehensive and above-all successful market research initiative -- and one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is a data collection plan. Below, we highlight 3 best practices to ensure that you head in the right direction with your data collection plan so..

Data Collection Services vs. Full Service Market Research: Which is Right for Your Business?

As you prepare to launch a market research project, one of the most important elements of your strategic plan relates to data collection. This catch-all term refers to the what, who, when, how and why of generating relevant information that, when analyzed, validated, organized and articulated, ultimately provides you with what matters most, and..

In-Depth Interviews: Data Collection Advantages and Disadvantages

In-depth interviews are a qualitative data collection method that involves direct, one-on-one engagement with individual participants. In-depth interviewing can take place face-to-face, or –– in some cases –– over the phone. However, for the latter to be effective and to deliver reliable information, the interviewer must be highly skilled to..

Online Surveys: Data Collection Advantages & Disadvantages

Online surveys have become the default tool for many market researchers. This is for good reason.  Often times the ease of access to using online surveys actually causes issues in itself.  Below, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this market research method.

The Worst Advice We've Heard About Field Research Data Collection

A research project manager we know took a consumer economics class from a well-meaning but misguided professor. In his attempt to make research studies more accessible to students, he would be lenient to a fault. Even still, most of his teaching tendencies were not objectively harmful — except one.

How Mobile Is Changing Survey Data Collection

The advent of mobile surveying has caused subtle, but no less monumental, shifts in how the world of corporate market research is conducted. Advances in survey data collection methodology and the use of mobile devices like tablets as a field data collection tool have led to the evolution of mobile surveys into their own niche.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Primary Data Collection Methods

Gathering primary data for the purposes of market research has many advantages, especially when research teams very deliberately choose their data collection method. The right primary data collection methods could help cement the continued success of the research project, whereas the wrong one could incur unnecessary extra costs without providing..

3 Problems Everyone Has with Quantitative Data Collection – How To Solve Them

Quantitative studies are popularly lauded as much more concrete, scientific and compelling than qualitative studies. The simple fact is that proper quantitative research can be quite expensive, requires very controlled conditions and often lacks the depth or specificity qualitative studies can provide — at least in regards to how small and..

10 Myths About Mail Surveys

While considering study methods, many research teams unfairly write off the classic direct mail, or “snail mail,” survey as a viable tool. This venerable method of obtaining responses has fallen out of vogue in the face of online, email and mobile surveys, but without good reason. The decline most likely stems from generally-accepted truisms that..

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