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Online Qualitative Bulletin Board vs Focus Group: Which One Works Best for Customizing Products?

A growing number of companies — led by billion-dollar brands like Nike — are enabling customers to customize products as part of their buying experience. As noted by TechCrunch: “Rather than being passive, the customer is now becoming a part of the product development process.”

Of course, companies do not have to be as big (or well-heeled) as Nike..

3 Best Practices for Building Rapport with Market Research Focus Group Participants

At Communications For Research, over the years we have developed and delivered hundreds of focus groups for clients in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to retail to B2B professional services, and the list goes on.

While each focus group is unique and must be aligned with project-specific variables, there are some core principles that we..

Best Practices for Running Focus Groups Online

Over the last couple of decades, the internet, web, social media and email have all combined to dramatically — and in some ways, profoundly — change the design and delivery of market research. One of the most interesting and innovative advancements is running focus groups online.

Indeed, there are some key advantages to running a focus group..

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