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3 Things to Know About Your Research Opportunity Before Finding a Market Research Agency

People of a certain vintage may remember an old TV commercial that said “an educated consumer is our best customer” (and those of you who missed it the first time around can watch the company’s chairman and wife proclaim it via the magic of YouTube).

Regardless of whether one is selling (as in the case above) men’s clothing or, indeed, market..

Why Partnering with a Market Research Firm is so Valuable to Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies must constantly find ways to add value to their client engagements, and just as importantly, keep profit margins from eroding – or in some cases, disappearing entirely. That’s where partnering with a market research firm plays a key role.

Specifically, here are the 3 reasons why partnering with a market research firm is so..

Choosing a Market Research Agency? Here’s Where to Start

If you are looking to work with a market research agency, you are about to make a smart investment that will support a wide range of results and advantages. However, the results and advantages you receive will be widely affected by which type of market agency you choose.

Factors such as experience, competence and cost-effectiveness are important,..

Exploring 3 Different Types of Market Research Agencies

Market research is an essential piece of any successful business puzzle; especially when it comes to product development, pricing, promotions and positioning. As boldly and accurately concluded by “Failing to do market research can amount to a death sentence for your product.”  

However, while market research is vital, it is..

Marketing Agencies: How to Correctly Use a Market Research Consultant

As a marketing agency, you need to achieve similar goals to ours as a professional services provider: deliver service that impresses the customer so much that the outcomes actually win repeat business and earn a reasonable profit doing so.

How a Market Research Agency Streamlines the Research Process for Your Marketing Agency

As a marketing agency, your clients depend on you for data-driven insights and actionable intelligence -- to replace what they are likely using to make important business decisions: anecdotal evidence, “best guestimates” and in many cases, good old fashioned gut feels. 

When Should Market Research Companies Get Involved in Product Development?

It is firmly established that market research is an essential part of successful product development. Since many businesses do not have the internal resources to conduct high quality, reliable market research (even large enterprises often outsource this function), the key question is: when should market research companies get involved in product..

3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Market Research Agency vs. A DIY Survey Builder

As wisely noted by Dun and Bradstreet: “No matter what size or type of business you run, performing market research is critical to your overall success, as it serves as the foundation of your entire business strategy, from sales and marketing to product development.”

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