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What to Ask a Healthcare Market Research Firm When Picking a Partner

Picking a research partner is an important decision that shouldn’t be made simply for convenience. It’s easy to go with a local firm. Or a cheaper one. Or the one where your best friend’s brother works. But as with most things in life, performance depends on effort, with “easy” not always equaling “right.” Thus, when you’re contemplating a..

Why Market Research is Essential for the Healthcare Industry

According to research compiled by Deloitte, global healthcare spending is projected to reach $10.059 trillion by 2022. An aging population that is larger than previous cohorts means more people will need chronic disease treatment for longer periods of time and more people will ultimately need dementia care each year. It’s a scenario that is..

Big Data Is Transforming Healthcare in Big Ways

The healthcare industry has always been grappling with the huge volumes of information they generate during providing their services. Now, that data may actually be helping companies.

Health Care Market Research and the Importance of Inclusive Sampling

The hot topic right now in health care market research is the Affordable Care Act. It has paved the way for insurance companies to target a wider range of potential customers. The concept of the insurance market place is quite straightforward, but like many things, the process is much more complex. Each state runs its own exchange, and along with..

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