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Market Research Deliverables: What Should You Expect?

Market research companies are in the business of uncovering insights. They expose facts and then use those facts to provide context for meaningful action. But even if they have excellent methodologies that garner stellar data, it’s pointless unless they can deliver an end product that is easily understood. Think about your time in school: didn’t..

Nonprofit Market Research 101: A Crash Course in Affordable Feedback

Just because your business isn’t in the business of making money doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from solid market research. On the contrary, the case could be made that nonprofits need market information just as much as the for-profit sector because even though they might not have a physical product to sell, they still have to access community need..

How Fieldwork Market Research Can Play a Critical Part in Your Research Strategy

“Seeing is believing.” It’s a saying that holds particular meaning for ambitious companies, as customer observation is often the only way to tell how and why and when customers really use a product. By meeting up with consumers in their own environments – the places in which they live and work and shop – you can push past what they say they want..

5 Reasons Why Market Research is Vital for Startups

Embarking on a new business venture can be scary. With limitless variables affecting any one outcome, success is never guaranteed. However, an investment in the right type of insurance can significantly increase the likelihood that a company’s idea, as well as its policies, will reap profitable reward. Start-up companies that use their time and..

Why Market Research Fails

“Knowledge is power.” It’s an old adage that states the obvious: acquiring information helps people uncover their mistakes, predict opportunities and redirect action, making it easier for them to prosper in the future. Indeed, knowledge is powerful. And it’s the same for companies. The more facts they have, the better decisions they make. In this..

What is the Importance of Market Research?

It’s hardly surprising that better information yields better results. If you measure your foot, you get shoes that fit. If you read your science textbook, you get better grades. If you make a list, you remember what to buy at the grocery store. Why, then, do so many companies believe that market research is a negotiable component in their overall..

How to Use Neuroscience in Market Research for Better Results

Market research relies upon a respondent’s ability to articulate his or her feelings about a particular product, idea and/or experience. Through market research measures, especially qualitative ones, businesses attempt to bring to light the intricate motivators affecting consumer buying behavior. Yet, we all know that feelings are rarely rational...

When Does Your Business Need B2B Relationship Assessments?

Consumer needs dictate business operations. What people want and believe they need propels companies around the globe to provide products, services and encounters to meet those demands. For business-to-business transactions, where sales cycles are long and complicated with high financial stakes, companies must ensure that they meet their..

The Basics of Pharmaceutical Market Research

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar business tasked with researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing drugs for human and animal use. The stakes are high; lives and money are on the line each time a new medicine is conceived. And because the process from drug conception to its delivery is a long one, it’s important..

Big Data + Market Research: How They Work Together

Contrary to what you might think, big data isn’t a substitute for quality market research. While it is easy to assume that the information that big data affords can replace the singular data sets that come from an organization’s own research efforts, the fact remains that market research will always be needed to create context around the problem..

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