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When Does it Make Sense to Use Mixed Mode Research?

Mixed mode research is the process of conducting both quantitative research (e.g. surveys and field observation) and qualitative research (e.g. in-depth interviews and focus groups), and leveraging both types of data to generate deeper, and ultimately more reliable, actionable and profitable market research insights.

Note that both types of..

Benefits of Mixed-Mode Surveys

Researchers have been challenged in recent years in how to overcome flat or declining survey response rates. And in the age of the internet and mobile phones, they are also tasked with figuring out the best approach to target and communicate with their desired survey population. In order to combat these issues, researchers are turning to..

Best Practices: Phone Surveys in Mixed Mode Research

When using a mixed mode survey approach, the behavior of the researcher has an influencing role in the outcome of the phone call. Phone surveys are a critical opportunity to gain buy-in from your recruit and to clearly communicate their instructions for completing the online survey. If a researcher is hard to understand, follows the phone survey..

3 Tips for Converting Telephone Recruits into Online Survey Completes

Quantitative market research has evolved to the point where online surveys are the default choice for many. Online surveys offer quality data collection that is often more economical that telephone research. Often within smaller geographic markets and specific target audiences, a mixed mode method of recruiting by telephone to go online is used to..

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