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How to Do Market Research Online

Nowadays, if you aren’t digital, you aren’t maximizing your potential. Especially in a world dealing with COVID-19 and its resulting social isolation, having an online presence is the only way to stay relevant, engaged and informed. For businesses, in particular, harnessing the Internet has moved beyond mere convenience; customers are now..

Featured In: On the M/A/R/C Podcast

Wondering where CFR got its roots? Curious about Colson's 5 core daily habits? In this special podcast episode, Colson joins Merrill Dubrow and shares about his journey and success. 

3 Reasons Why it is Critical to Test Your Own Survey

In an age where consumers are pulled in a variety of directions, not just by a massive amount of product offerings, but by countless types of messaging across numerous platforms, it’s essential that businesses create opportunities for positive encounters with them at every chance. They must meet consumers in their stores, through their salespeople..

Online Research Communities: What Are their Benefits?

Think about the last twenty years: Increasingly, people have looked to technology to provide solutions for everyday tasks. We’ve moved from snail mail to email; from paper catalogs to online ordering; from books to eReaders; from blind dates to dating websites; from local banking to mobile deposits; from yearbooks to Facebook. It’s evident that..

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