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Phone Surveys: Data Collection Advantages and Disadvantages

Polling potential or existing consumers is often the first step when it comes time for new businesses to enter the market or existing ones to add new products. And in today’s tele-connected world, no longer do researchers have to rely on focus groups, in-depth interviews or direct mail surveys to get the job done. Instead, a host of remotely..

The Critical – yet Often Overlooked – Question to Ask When Evaluating Phone Survey Companies

When it comes to evaluating various phone survey companies, it makes sense that you would ask about experience, capacity, areas of expertise and cost. These are fundamentally important aspects and it is safe to guess that these are already on your list of questions. 

However, there is another critical question to ask when evaluating phone survey..

Telephone Interviewing: Data Collection Advantages & Disadvantages

On today’s market research landscape, new and innovative data collection methods are taking advantage of the web and email to reach more samples, gather more intelligence, and generate more actionable insights.

Best Practices: Phone Surveys in Mixed Mode Research

When using a mixed mode survey approach, the behavior of the researcher has an influencing role in the outcome of the phone call. Phone surveys are a critical opportunity to gain buy-in from your recruit and to clearly communicate their instructions for completing the online survey. If a researcher is hard to understand, follows the phone survey..

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