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4 Traits the Best Qualitative Research Agencies Have That Make Them Stand Out

Today, with the fast-paced rise of digital resources, social media and other modern technologies, it is often necessary for your business to employ a market research firm in order to stay competitive and quickly and effectively address issues that you might not have the ability or time to do yourself. In these situations, it is paramount that you..

5 Common Types of Central Location Testing Methods that Could Benefit Your Business

Central location testing (CLT) is a qualitative market research approach in which research takes place in a specific, controlled environment such as a shopping mall, restaurant, school, church, community center, hotel, testing lab, or other suitable location.

Key Advantages

Central location testing offers researchers several key advantages vs...

How Technology is Changing Qualitative Market Research Studies

Technology has changed qualitative research studies dramatically because every step of the research process has adapted to new possibilities. When businesses and marketing agencies understand and ultimately leverage these shifts, they can position themselves well ahead of their competition, and much closer to their customers.

In the first of two..

3 Problems Everyone Has with Quantitative Data Collection – How To Solve Them

Quantitative studies are popularly lauded as much more concrete, scientific and compelling than qualitative studies. The simple fact is that proper quantitative research can be quite expensive, requires very controlled conditions and often lacks the depth or specificity qualitative studies can provide — at least in regards to how small and..

Does Revealing a Survey Sponsor Hurt a Typical Survey Response Rate?

When starting your qualitative or quantitative market research, you always want to collect enough responses to ensure high quality results. The typical survey response rate is influenced by many factors, but a one major one is whether or not you decide to disclose your survey sponsor to the respondents. Depending on the situation, it could affect..

When to Use Donations as a Qualitative Research Recruitment Incentive

In today's society, it can be hard to get something for nothing. When people are asked to do something, even if it is easy or does not take a lot of time, they want something in return. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for qualitative market researchers to find participants unless they offer some kind of recruitment incentive. However, ..

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