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3 Reasons to Rethink DIY Research Recruiting

You have your research design completed, you have all the legal issues cleared and your spreadsheets are set up for some fresh data. All you need now are people.

At this point, many research teams begin wondering how they can go out and find participants for their study. However, they may soon realize that the task of tracking down the right..

When to Use Donations as a Qualitative Research Recruitment Incentive

In today's society, it can be hard to get something for nothing. When people are asked to do something, even if it is easy or does not take a lot of time, they want something in return. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for qualitative market researchers to find participants unless they offer some kind of recruitment incentive. However, ..

Should you Offer An Incentive to Your Market Research Participants?

The primary goal of your market research is to garner accurate data that can be used to gain insight to aide business decisions. In order for this to occur, your market research participants must meet certain criteria and be of a certain caliber. This is the only way to be certain of genuineness and honesty in your participants’ responses.

What Incentives to Offer to Maximize Research Participant Recruitment

Research participant recruitment is a combination of a labor of love and a strategically thought out process.  There is no magical perfect answer.  Every time, you have to make an honest assessment of the variables and make a decision that makes sense.

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