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The True Value of Market Research

Business leaders in marketing, research, communications, and development are specifically charged with moving the business forward. Relevant consumer insights can be difficult to achieve and keep up with, no matter the level of professional expertise. There’s still a lot to be said for plain old common sense and what you absorb anecdotally from..

Conceptual vs. Empirical Research: Which is Right for Your Company?

Theory and evidence are the cornerstones of good research technique. The theory, or “concept,” drives the collection of data, or “evidence;” indeed, without a concept, there can be no meaningful research results, only a collection of abstract facts and numbers. In this way, all scientific research involves both conceptual and empirical research..

Observational Research: When Should You Observe vs. Survey?

Observation is one of the original guiding principles for scientific inquiry. It is essential for collecting data, forming hypotheses and testing theories. But how do you know when to observe and when to actually start asking questions? For market researchers, it can be a difficult choice. Here’s what you need to know:

How to Recognize and Prevent Bias in Research

Businesses conduct market research in order to learn more about customer preferences and market behavior. The validity of any conclusions drawn necessarily depends on how well these businesses (and/or the firms they hire) recognize their own assumptions, preferences and prejudices and how hard they work to mitigate them as they select samples,..

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