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The Hidden Cost of Cheap DIY Research: Can You Trust Your Data?

All market research aims to gather honest answers from the right participants to inform accurate decisions. Trust and good communication are meaningful in all aspects of any relationship and are undoubtedly crucial when choosing the proper market research partner. But what is marketing research at its core but the gathering and study of customer..

5 Kinds of Market Research Firms: Which is Right for You?

Is aggregated data enough, or is custom research necessary? Will engaging a specialized or a full-service research firm best suit our business objectives?How do we know if our product/service is market-ready? How can our product/service experience better traction once in the field? Can existing data from past research be gleaned for new insights?

4 Steps for Successful Market Research Operations Outsourcing

For executive leadership in the market research industry, time is taken up by the ongoing activities that fill every professional's working day - leading the team, working with clients, managing the business, reading and writing reports. Great leaders are expected to run a tight ship efficiently on a lean budget. 

Navigating the Partnership Journey with CFR

From seasoned insights professionals, to those just dipping their toes into the water of marketing research, collaborating with a recruiting or logistics focused market research operations partner can be a daunting task. Research preparation is time-intensive and complex.

How to Estimate the Sample Size You'll Need for Qualitative Research

Unlike quantitative research projects, there are few formal statistical guidelines governing the design and execution of a qualitative market research study. Best practices regarding randomness, confidence intervals, margins of error, and estimations for sample size needed are not standardized for qualitative research. Ultimately, these decisions..

6 Techniques for Market Research Sampling

Once the basics of market research sampling are understood, specific techniques can be explored. Each research project objective is best served with a certain type of market research sampling.

Five Things Research Consultants Do That Drive Clients Away

Business to business relationships inevitably involve some risk, but only a few of these contracts devolve into an unpleasant enough experience to send the client packing. In the world of research consultants, such horror stories are even fewer and far between.  

Why Your Sample Size Is Probably Too Small

Many studies on usability, online A/B testing, market research and countless other areas draw conclusions when, frankly, they should not be. Why not? Their sample size is too low.

Why Would A Focus Group Facility Need a Research Design Partner?

Communications for Research (CFR) regularly partners with numerous focus group facilities across the US to facilitate research design projects on their behalf. These facilities operate as their own individual firms, with their own clients and own research recruiting practices. But like any business, they experience limitations in what they can..

Dodd-Frank Under the Microscope: Research Design in Financial Services

Research design can have a huge impact on the ways policies are evaluated and how new policies or policy changes are enacted in response to research discoveries. The conclusions drawn from research have enormous potential to inform later decisions on banking regulations, for instance, specifically in financial services where consumers are impacted..

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