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Why Would A Focus Group Facility Need a Research Design Partner?

Communications for Research (CFR) regularly partners with numerous focus group facilities across the US to facilitate research design projects on their behalf. These facilities operate as their own individual firms, with their own clients and own research recruiting practices. But like any business, they experience limitations in what they can..

Dodd-Frank Under the Microscope: Research Design in Financial Services

Research design can have a huge impact on the ways policies are evaluated and how new policies or policy changes are enacted in response to research discoveries. The conclusions drawn from research have enormous potential to inform later decisions on banking regulations, for instance, specifically in financial services where consumers are impacted..

3 Research Design Guidelines to Get the Best Data from Market Research

Reconsidering survey design and research design periodically can help make your process more effective and your data more useful. Market research can become routine, especially for firms that specialize in conducting field service interviews and surveys, but evaluating your current techniques and trying to adopt best practices from across the..

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