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The Hidden Cost of Cheap DIY Research: Can You Trust Your Data?

All market research aims to gather honest answers from the right participants to inform accurate decisions. Trust and good communication are meaningful in all aspects of any relationship and are undoubtedly crucial when choosing the proper market research partner. But what is marketing research at its core but the gathering and study of customer..

4 Business Research Methods You Should Consider

Business research is not unlike other types of research: it seeks to answer a question. This question (also called an objective) serves as the backbone of any research project, guiding researchers toward meaningful answers that offer opportunity for actionable results. As the foundation of the research endeavor, then, the research objective..

Business Research 101: The Process from Design to Results

Managing a successful company depends on good planning, as well as some luck. To increase the likelihood of both, smart businesses conduct research so that they can better understand their place in a market and gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. With good data, they can make informed decisions about how to..

Observational Research: When Should You Observe vs. Survey?

Observation is one of the original guiding principles for scientific inquiry. It is essential for collecting data, forming hypotheses and testing theories. But how do you know when to observe and when to actually start asking questions? For market researchers, it can be a difficult choice. Here’s what you need to know:

3 Market Research Methods that the Pros Use

Professional market researchers rarely perform the same way twice. That’s because they understand that the complexities of individual companies’ business objectives render a “one size fits all” data collection approach sloppy at best and completely inappropriate at worst. Indeed, the pros that really “get” market research are the ones that resist..

How Does Verbatim Coding Benefit Your Survey Data Analysis?

If you ask most people to think about survey research, the majority will probably conjure up a vision of the multiple choice assessments typically used to summarize and/or rank responses according to predetermined and generalized themes. However, a lot of good research, especially good market research, relies on researchers figuring out what they..

3 Customer Experience Research Methods You Should Explore

Having a great product or idea is only part of a successful business model. In today’s world of mass consumerism, companies have to also stand out from competitors who offer similar goods and aggressive pricing. To do this, companies are focusing on making every interaction they have with customers a positive one. In this way, customer experience ..

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