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How We Find Your Market Research Sample

For all our talk about research design, sampling and best practices, we thought it was about time we discussed how professional companies like CFR can aid with locating market research samples. In the most basic terms, our industry connections and ongoing relationships with partners afford us privileged access to former study roster lists,..

Basic Things to Consider in Market Research Sampling

Market research sampling is the process of taking the entire population you want to describe — such as all U.S. residents over the age of 18 — and selecting a smaller portion to represent this population. If sampling is done properly, then the market research study can save time and expense while still accurately describing the population as a..

3 Challenges B2B Market Research Sampling And How to Overcome Them

With a smaller population size more focused on results and decision-making, B2B (business-to-business) market research can be a perfect proving ground to observe trends or test theories. On the other hand, B2B market research poses some of its own challenges. Learn how to overcome the challenges of market research sampling and other issues using..

Is Your Sampling Dooming Your Marketing Research? Here's How to Tell.

Most of the time, performing poor market research can be worse than not performing market research at all. Why? Because we often base our business decisions on the results of market research data, and flawed data can lead us down the wrong path.Collecting a misrepresentative sample is one of the most common sources of such a problem, but luckily,..

3 Questions You Need to Answer for an Accurate Market Research Sample

Obtaining a representative market research sample is crucial to getting the insights you need. Otherwise, the data will yield inaccurate or misleading trends, hurting your ability to make smart decisions in response.

Health Care Market Research and the Importance of Inclusive Sampling

The hot topic right now in health care market research is the Affordable Care Act. It has paved the way for insurance companies to target a wider range of potential customers. The concept of the insurance market place is quite straightforward, but like many things, the process is much more complex. Each state runs its own exchange, and along with..

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