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5 Best Practices for a Customer Feedback Survey

Evaluation is part of any growth process. We keep tabs on our health as we physically mature, take tests to assess our knowledge as we progress through school and seek ways to understand our feelings as we deal with our problems (at least theoretically!). Taking a step back and examining where we are, where we want to be and the steps we are..

5 Ways to Incorporate Personalization into Market Research Surveys

In today’s technology-driven world, “personalization” has come to mean more than the monogram that’s stitched on our expensive bathroom towels. With machine learning using algorithms to calculate customized results for us in real time across multiple platforms whenever we want, we are now seeing material unique to our own experiences, a type of..

5 Misconceptions About Market Research Surveys

It’s often said that the only bad question is the one you didn’t ask. Certainly for market researchers (and the companies who hire them), this is the case. The mighty survey, that storied list of questions, has become synonymous with knowledge and, in turn, power. Asking the right questions can help companies identify and address issues, create..

10 User Experience Best Practices for Online Surveys

An online survey can be a useful (and quick) way to get solid, usable data for your business. It can also be an easy way to seriously irritate a large number of people. There are countless articles on the worldwide web about online surveys, cautioning businesses to avoid everything from too many questions to too few respondents. If you want to..

What Motivates Someone to Take a Market Research Survey?

We’ve all done it: thrown away or ignored a survey. Whether it was because we didn’t have the time or the interest to fill it out, the result was the same. Some company didn’t get the information it wanted. So what can businesses do to motivate someone to take a market research survey? After more than 20 years in the business of market research..

3 Reasons Why it is Critical to Test Your Own Survey

In an age where consumers are pulled in a variety of directions, not just by a massive amount of product offerings, but by countless types of messaging across numerous platforms, it’s essential that businesses create opportunities for positive encounters with them at every chance. They must meet consumers in their stores, through their salespeople..

Three Ways to Show Your Survey is Meaningful to Participants

Surveys are powerful tools when used in appropriate manners. But too frequently the ubiquitous survey is used as a “Hail Mary” attempt to win the game without knowing which game is actually being played. In order to gain any advantage in a competitive business world, surveys should only be used when there’s no clear path to the goal on your own and

5 Proven Ways to Improve Market Research Survey Responses

One of the first things that many businesses discover — and often the last thing they discover before they decide to outsource their market research to an agency — is that generating a sufficient number of market research survey responses is much, much harder than they expected.

Indeed, from a distance, the process almost sounds automatic: put..

5 Steps to Creating a Successful B2B Market Research Survey

Creating a successful B2B market research survey requires careful planning and development; especially since the data will be used to make key business decisions regarding investments, resources, strategy, and so on. Generally, the process involved five steps:

Step 1: Define the Problem

While market research can — and typically does — reveal some..

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