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Cross-Sectional Surveys: The Right Time and Wrong Time to Use Them

Cross-sectional surveys are a lightweight research tool that is easy to implement and requires limited resources compared to other research methods, making them quite popular among research groups. However, popularity and affordability are not always the best measures of a research method’s viability. Some research questions would demand the use..

“Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time?”: Timing's Role in Field Research

While many field research teams take care to consider various market demographic variables, they often leave out another critical variable: time. By itself, time can be a major factor that influences study data like survey responses. For instance, surveying a cohort about their utilities experiences right after a natural disaster could yield..

How Mobile Is Changing Survey Data Collection

The advent of mobile surveying has caused subtle, but no less monumental, shifts in how the world of corporate market research is conducted. Advances in survey data collection methodology and the use of mobile devices like tablets as a field data collection tool have led to the evolution of mobile surveys into their own niche.

10 Myths About Mail Surveys

While considering study methods, many research teams unfairly write off the classic direct mail, or “snail mail,” survey as a viable tool. This venerable method of obtaining responses has fallen out of vogue in the face of online, email and mobile surveys, but without good reason. The decline most likely stems from generally-accepted truisms that..

Survey Design Best Practices Online and Over the Phone

Creating an online survey presents a variety of challenges, and there are specific survey design best practices that are imperative to catching the attention and interest of the respondent. When creating demographic survey questions that successfully screen the respondents, it is important to recognize that most will not read the entire survey,..

Simplicity Matters in Survey Designs

You could be collecting general feedback, performing evaluations, or assessing an event’s success, but no matter what the design of your survey is going to be a huge first step.

Avoid HIPAA Violations During Research Recruiting | CFR Inc.

Whether you are a professional recruiting firm or part of a research team with a medical focus, running afoul of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can result in serious penalties.

As such, recruiting research subjects within a specific medical demographic can be quite tough. After all, walking up to a clinician and..

Best Practices for Increasing Response with a Corporate Research Survey

If you’re a corporate researcher using a tool like Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey® to target prospects or customers with surveys, you are not alone. These tools are extremely popular among corporate researchers. Researchers using these tools are clearly looking to interest their participants in hopes of gathering valuable insights. But more often than..

3 Research Design Guidelines to Get the Best Data from Market Research

Reconsidering survey design and research design periodically can help make your process more effective and your data more useful. Market research can become routine, especially for firms that specialize in conducting field service interviews and surveys, but evaluating your current techniques and trying to adopt best practices from across the..

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