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4 Ways to Improve Your Online Survey Response Rates

Online surveys are often the default choice for people doing market research. We capture the voice of the customer, test responses to new ideas or gather much insight to aid key business decisions. The problem is that surveys are useless if next to no one responds to them. After all the hard work your company spends on crafting a survey, you..

Does Revealing a Survey Sponsor Hurt a Typical Survey Response Rate?

When starting your qualitative or quantitative market research, you always want to collect enough responses to ensure high quality results. The typical survey response rate is influenced by many factors, but a one major one is whether or not you decide to disclose your survey sponsor to the respondents. Depending on the situation, it could affect..

5 Best Practices for Good Survey Design

There are numerous tools out on the market to instantly create a survey, but that just makes it easier to have poor survey design. The design of a survey takes more than the ability to put one up on the Internet, it also takes some understanding of the objectives of a survey, the audience, and how to test and measure questions and their responses...

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