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4 Common Complaints When Taking an Unprofessional Survey and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve been in the market research business for any length of time, you already know that it’s impossible to please everyone, especially at the same time. Whether it’s consumers dissatisfied with a company’s products, clients dissatisfied with your investigative services or the public dissatisfied with research experiences – finding the right..

Does Mobile Friendliness Affect Survey Responses?

Just because people are taking your company’s survey doesn’t mean you can call it a success. Numbers don’t matter unless they’re the right ones. To ensure that results are truly relevant, companies must attract those respondents whose opinions most closely represent their preferred target market. It’s not an easy task. If just anyone could do it,..

10 Top Tips to Build a Better Customer Satisfaction Survey

Designing a great customer satisfaction survey is a challenge. It’s hard to know the right questions to ask, the right tone to use, the right people to target. And if you add in a desire to impart any sort of retainable value for survey participants on top of collecting the information you need, well, even the most efficacious of researchers can..

3 Key Tactics to Motivate People to Take Your Surveys

The key to success is often knowing what people want and giving it to them. Whether it’s a mother choosing the right remedy for her baby’s cries or Microsoft pitching its search engine Bing as its latest “next best offer” (NBO), the ability to gather, process and translate information for practical application is what fuels achievement over all..

What is a Microsurvey and How are They Used

It’s evident that the world continues to spin at an ever-increasing speed for most people. Think about our preoccupation with fast food, mobile phones, convenience stores, Google. We want things and we want them now. With expanded and sustained reliance on those commodities that promote speed and efficiency, people are actively altering the..

Three Helpful Tips for Crafting Customer Satisfaction Surveys

“If you don’t ask, you won’t know:” It’s true for everything from possible holiday gifts to supper choices. Asking someone for information can mean the difference between a disappointed spouse at Christmas or a satisfyingly filled belly after dinner. It can also mean the difference between a thriving business and one that is merely surviving. In..

River Sampling vs. Panel Sampling: What’s the Difference?

Sampling. It’s a simple word for a complex process. Market researchers across all industries and in all locales often struggle with matching the right sample audience to the right questions in ways that produce the most actionable results. And while all researchers understand the importance of randomly selecting a sample from an entire population..

Demographic Questions in Surveys: The Ultimate Guide

Demographics are the statistical data that reflects the socioeconomic characteristics of a given population. Demographics include factors such as age, income, and education levels, gender, race, ethnicity and marital and employment statuses, among others. They often shape the interests, behavior and mindsets of consumers and, thus, are used by..

5 Quick Tips to Build a Better Customer Satisfaction Survey

At some point, every company needs to assess how well it is satisfying the needs of its customers. Indeed, companies should be continuously checking in with the people using their products or services. Measuring customer satisfaction can help companies garner the feedback necessary to improve processes and products, address customer concerns and..

Survey Companies: 3 Things to Know Before Deciding on One

Remember last year’s presidential election? Donald Trump (seemingly) came from behind to defeat the presumed forerunner Hillary Clinton. Poll after poll, survey upon survey; all models had predicted an easy win for Clinton. It seems crazy that they all were so wrong. But it happens. For an example from the marketing world, think about New Coke in..

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