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Why Utilize Human-Centered Design for Market Research?

Posted by Communications for Research on 09/17/2018

It seems intuitive: businesses succeed by designing products and services that meet specific needs of their consumers. These companies put themselves in the shoes of the people they wish to serve and try to determine what those people most need and want in order to give it to them in the most profitable manner possible.

What is Considered Advanced Market Research?

Posted by Communications for Research on 09/13/2018

Unless you have a crystal ball, it’s hard to predict just what the future will hold. And knowing what the future holds isn’t a concern that only worries individuals. For businesses, it’s a question whose answer often means the difference between them staying afloat and sinking like a stone in a wildly turbulent sea of competition.

So how does..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of September 10, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 09/12/2018

Highlights: Corn, cotton, sugarbeet, and peanut harvest has started. Winter wheat planting has started. Soybean harvest projected to start this week.Corn dented is at 86% overall; this progress is ahead of previous years by at least 10%. Only NC is behind the progress from previous years and NC is one of the states with the most corn progress...

How Do You Measure the B2B Customer Experience?

Posted by Communications for Research on 09/10/2018

According to research completed over the past five years, by 2020 customer experience (CX) will be the single most influential factor for consumers as they make the decision to support one brand over another. It’s a telling prediction, and one that highlights consumers’ heightened expectations as technologies, social media and other..

Marketing Research vs. Market Research

Posted by Communications for Research on 09/6/2018

Unless you’re a professional researcher (or perhaps a linguistics professor!), you might not understand the difference between the terms “marketing research” vs. “market research.” In fact, you might not have ever even considered there was a difference. But in the business world, where the devil often really is in the details, knowing the..

3 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Customer Experience Surveys

Posted by Communications for Research on 09/3/2018

With quality customer engagement replacing the traditional ad campaign as the main stimulus to sustainable brand awareness and greater customer satisfaction, the commonplace customer experience survey is assuming an increasing level of importance in a company’s overall business strategy. No longer is it used as a simple indicator of past..

5 Common Problems Solved with Market Research for Startups

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/30/2018

It’s easier than you might think to have a good idea. But it’s harder than you think to make it work. For startup companies, it’s the execution of the vision that’s the difficult part of their business plan, not coming up with the vision itself. Solid market research, however, can help these fledgling businesses understand the market and, thus,..

Crop Progress Report for the Week of August 27, 2018

Posted by Colson Steber on 08/28/2018


Corn in the dough stage reached 100% in MO this week!  Overall progress is at 92% in the dough stage.  This progress is ahead of that from previous years by at least 7%.  Only NC is behind their progress from previous years and NC is reporting 97% in the dough stage at this time.  Corn dented surpassed the halfway point to reach 61% this..

5 Ways to Incorporate Personalization into Market Research Surveys

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/27/2018

In today’s technology-driven world, “personalization” has come to mean more than the monogram that’s stitched on our expensive bathroom towels. With machine learning using algorithms to calculate customized results for us in real time across multiple platforms whenever we want, we are now seeing material unique to our own experiences, a type of..

5 Misconceptions About Market Research Surveys

Posted by Communications for Research on 08/23/2018

It’s often said that the only bad question is the one you didn’t ask. Certainly for market researchers (and the companies who hire them), this is the case. The mighty survey, that storied list of questions, has become synonymous with knowledge and, in turn, power. Asking the right questions can help companies identify and address issues, create..

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