Data Collection Experts for Multiple Industries


Industry-Specific Market Research

Communications for Research (CFR) has experience in a wide range of marketing research studies, methodology types and with many different clients. We have provided a wide range of market research services to consumer and industrial product manufacturers as well as to service companies. Business owners, end-users and full-service marketing research firms utilize our data collection services because of our experience & leadership. See our methods below or contact us to see how we can benefit your business.

Data Collection and Other Marketing Research Services
  • Online Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Recruiting for focus groups, online surveys, IDI’s (in-depth interviews), etc.
  • E-mail Surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Mixed mode interviewing (phone/online, phone/mail/phone, email/phone, etc.)
  • Telephone reminders
  • Telephone and in-person IDI’s (in-depth interviews)
  • Telefocus groups
  • Email blasts
  • Email reminders
  • Central location testing
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Mock Jury

CFR specializes in projects requiring flexible design, swift turnaround, and cost-effective management. In fact, we approach these projects with the same sophisticated strategies and modern technologies that the industrial-strength giants use. We have an in-house IT team that ensures each market research project is prepared, supported and analyzed appropriately. Plus, we provide all this within a friendly, client-centered approach, ensuring that your job is tailored to your unique objectives and individual budget!

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