Consumer Market Research


Consumer Market Research

You need to spend 80%+ of your time on working on what your organization or client is going to get out of the research being done.  Research logistics and collecting data can require seemingly endless tedious tasks, surprises, and hand holding of vendors. 

The CFR project manager you work with will actually become a competent decision maker that will truly help you complete the study.  We execute on over 600 custom research studies a year.  The moment we get involved the quality of what you do notches up because we see research being done every day and are built on delivering quality. We have depth in experience, process and resources to execute at a high level, and will represent you well throughout.

DIY research capabilities are amazing.  To execute on them well takes resources away from other opportunities.  There is an option between DIY and managing vendors - hiring CFR.  Our project manager leads a support team that genuinely works to set you up to succeed in spending your time on analysis and making a business impact.

Our Customers:

  • Marketing, Consulting, and Research agencies who know they need confidence in delivery of quality data that their team can work with
  • Market researchers that need to spend their time making impact on the business with their insights. You design, we can help with the research plan if needed, we will execute all the logistics, and you analyze and deliver insights.
  • SaaS and Startup firms that need high quality research without having to do it themselves or hire a large full service agency

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