Healthcare Market Research


Healthcare Market Research

Communications for Research (CFR) has extensive experience with healthcare market research, including interviewing many different healthcare professionals and consumers for a multitude of survey purposes. In fact, we work regularly with home health agencies and hospitals, in the St. Louis area and nationally, for their online and telephone healthcare market research.

Through our partnership with Darlene D. Bainbridge & Associates, CFR is able to provide an online system to manage healthcare satisfaction surveys, data, and reports in addition to our telephone data collection. These technologies in addition to our excellent service and leadership have given us the opportunity to work with Press Ganey and M.D. Anderson on continual telephone research projects.

In the past, CFR has been assigned as an approved vendor to conduct HCAHPS and HHCAHPS surveys. In the last 4 years, CFR has worked with over 30 hospitals and has conducted over 70 HCAHPS and over 125 HHCAHPS projects. 

Types of Respondents:
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Clinics and labs around the world including all of Europe and Asia
  • Insurance carriers and policy holders
  • Medical professionals
  • Physicians
  • Medical practitioners
  • Specialists in many areas of medical research
  • Related fields of Veterinarian science
  • Pharmacists
  • Patients
  • Healthcare Services Satisfaction
  • Facility/medical technology feasibility studies
  • Message development, testing and brand communications strategies
  • Marketing Department Development
  • Brand equity measurement
  • Brand differentiation strategies
  • Corporate reputation
  • Pharmaceutical names feasibility
  • Optimizing existing service lines/clinical products
  • Prior mix diversification
  • Service line development/bundling
  • Customer satisfaction


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