Manufacturing Market Research

Manufacturing Market Research

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), product manufacturers, or businesses that produce raw materials often encounter the need to engage audiences throughout their supply chain while representing the manufacturer well with every point of contact.

CFR specializes in tailoring our communication to get the best quality response depending on the audience. We will help with collecting information for highly technical products with different groups of respondents. For example, if a company that manufactures a raw input for a chemical preservative needs to talk to food scientists and consumers, we will be able to use our experience to help with what is feasible and what will get a meaningful response from each group.

Communications for Research (CFR) has extensive experience with industrial and manufacturing market research. We know most industrial research requires understanding technical product applications and that's why our dedicated manufacturing market research team is trained specifically do deal with industrial research projects. We hire leaders to get your business the data it needs, when you need it and in the format you need it.

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