EDA Data for Agricultural Equipment

For niche markets, great research is often the result of specialty expertise. Good skills can get you good data with competent researchers unearthing basic facts and figures that yield helpful business intelligence, but great data only comes from a unique understanding of the market in question. That’s why it’s advantageous to choose a market research agency with a proven track record within the industry to be studied. And if that industry is the agricultural sector (or one associated with it, such as turf management or construction), it’s why you need support from our team at Communications for Research (CFR).

EDA Data for Agricultural Equipment

Communications for Research (CFR) is the only market research company that maintains a license to EDA Data, the ultimate source for agricultural equipment data. EDA Data is compiled using UCC-1 filings from lenders when any piece of agricultural equipment is financed. It also incorporates additional firmographic information from Dun & Bradstreet, a leader in B2B marketing data. Thus, among all market researchers, we alone have access to millions of records about the people buying and selling over eight million pieces of agricultural equipment in the United States, making it easier for you to:

Identify and Access Your Target Audience and Research Sample

With near 100% accuracy, we can identify and contact owners of specific equipment to recruit them for a primary research study. If you need to survey corn farmers about their product needs, we can help you navigate EDA Data so that you pull records for only those farms dealing in corn crops, ensuring that you contact and recruit only the best type of respondents for your research needs.

Narrow Your Research Focus by Equipment Type and Horsepower 

We can help you target owners of a certain equipment type (such as 4WD tractors or cotton harvesters) and horsepower range. Targeting records pertaining to 4WD tractors with 500HP or more, for example, would enable you to quickly identify the people who might be in need of precision agriculture equipment add-ons without wasting time weeding through the records of others.

Narrow Your Research Focus by Specific Brand and Model

And when you need even more specific intelligence (such as comparing the demographics and/or characteristics of owners of competing models for a recruit or research project), we can help you search records for precise brands and models (such as John Deere 2038r, Case IH Farmall 35A or Kubota L3901).

Narrow Your Research Focus via Crop by Region

EDA Data also permits you to organize your search criteria by region and crop, allowing you to browse and select data only from those farms located in a specific county and growing a specific type of crop so that you can target records of those possibly in need of certain products in certain places.

But these aren’t the only research advantages our expertise offers; with exclusive access to EDA Data, as well as our own research skills, our team at Communications for Research can help you devise a truly personalized market research plan that identifies buyers (and competitors) in the agricultural equipment industry in real time so that you can better monitor, survey and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

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