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Healthcare Satisfaction Index (HSI)

The Healthcare Satisfaction Index (HSI) is an online system that handles all of your patient, employee, and physician satisfaction data. HSI offers a patient satisfaction system designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers looking for greater alignment with business goals, flexibility and internal control. Access to more business focused patient satisfaction data is imperative as health care continues to evolve in a direction where patient perception greatly influences who gets to be the "preferred provider". HSI takes patient satisfaction measurement to a new level as it allows cost-effective flexibility in building customized surveys, having immediate access to data, benchmarking key measures of patient satisfaction with a range of peer groups and instantly creating customized reports.

Healthcare Satisfaction Index (HSI) provides a robust support system for patient satisfaction. It allows you to use a very simple online user interface to manage satisfaction across your entire organization.

HSI Includes Unlimited:

  • Survey creation and delivery targeting patients, physicians, employees, the public or anyone else
  • Users in current locations created and managed by you
  • Personalized questions, branding, and reports
    • Includes access to question pools in 19 major categories 
  • Survey completion through online, paper, telephone, e-mail, and kiosk/hand-held devices
    • CFR can provide telephone interviewing support
  • Benchmarking against other providers that use the system and formation of custom peer groups
  • Data collection capabilities – hosted and held in compliance with federal healthcare laws on D.D. Bainbridge & Associates servers
    • You own your own data and you have instant access to data and report creation for all data entered
  • Upgrades/enhancements to the program at no additional charge

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