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Get Phone Recruits to Complete an Online Survey

Improve Your Phone-to-Online Conversion Rate by Up to 10%

Specific, Actionable Tactics for Better Mixed Mode Survey Recruitment

Mixed mode research methods offer researchers richer and more accurate data, but there is a risk. There's an extra step--from phone to online--and you have to rely on the recruit to do it. And whenever you add a step to a process, more people are likely to drop out.

In this free ebook, we'll show you the same mixed mode research methods we use every day to improve the conversion rates for our clients.

Inside you'll learn:

  •  2 simple steps that increase survey completion rates by as much as 10%;
  • How to avoid overwhelming your prospective recruit in the first phone call;
  • To use email deliverablity statistics to track your recruiters' performance;
  • Plus sample script language to make your telephone recruiters more effective and efficient.

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