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Telephone Agent Job in Waynesville, MO 

Job Description

Communications for Research (CFR) is a market research company.  For those that are not familiar with what that is, think surveys and focus groups.  We have operated a call center where over 100 people work that recruit and interview people for research in Waynesville since 2001.  

The entry level position is our Telephone Agent.  We train you on best practices for calling and talking with people to collect quality research answers.  You get project specific training regularly (sometimes switching projects every few days or staying with the same one for awhile) to call people and recruit them to participate and ask them questions to collect their opinions on products and services they have interaction with every day.
For example - you could be calling a farmer to ask what seed they used this year OR calling a person to ask them to join an online community to answer surveys regularly OR recruiting someone that holds backyard BBQ's with friends to have a researcher talk to them directly.


What are the benefits of working at CFR?
Opportunity for Advancement - 
 You get plenty of continuous training based on key performance measurements to us on dependability, data quality, and productivity. 
We are always looking for people that are willing to learn advanced research skills like recruiting people from businesses or for in-person research.  In addition, we strongly prefer our supervisory and managerial staff to be internal promotions.    
The work skills you learn while working at CFR using our software (survey platforms, google products, spreadsheets, and more) and talking to people to recruit them and collect information is extremely useful for any future work you do.  Our measurement tools provide you complete transparency to understand your performance in the context of our business. This provides valuable business education that will benefit you wherever you go from here.
Base Pay
All our telephone agents start with a base pay of $9.50 per hour. 
When you do well you can get up to $11.00 per hour or more within 6 months. Over 70% of new hires get their first raise within 30 days.
Bonuses and Benefits*
We offer new employee referral bonuses ($25 for the employee and the person referred)
All employees are eligible for our annual tuition scholarship program ($500 tax-free towards continuing your education),
We do tons of specific fun stuff for employees like parties, potlucks, food, project bonuses, etc.
Part-time and full-time positions are available.  Each position has specific insurance, paid time off, and retirement benefits that employees are eligible for. Please ask for more information by e-mail (, by stopping by, or at your interview.
*All Bonus programs and benefits are subject to specific rules for eligibility that we are glad to share.
Flexible Scheduling - 
You fill out your own schedule every Wednesday for the following Sunday through Saturday.  All we ask is for a minimum of 3 days a week (or 15 hours per week) of either day time or evening availability.
Our hours are typically 8am - 9pm on weekdays. Weekend shifts are available based on your preference.
Great work environment - 
We have a spacious office and a comfortable setup for working inside at a desk year around. Our leadership style is to set everything up around putting you in a position to succeed.  We are always focused on being sure you have the resources available to do your best.  We view it as everyone's responsibility to participate in a professional work environment that promotes everyone actually caring about doing well at their job.  We work to show that in how we approach everything.


Contact Information:

Anita Hudgens
(573) 774-0011
320 Ichord Avenue, Suite U
Waynesville, MO 65583

Next Steps to consider working at CFR
The application process includes 2 parts:
Online application: CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW! - this can be done remotely
Vocab and typing test - this takes ~15 minutes to complete
We contact you to participate in an interview
When you come in for interviews plan to be there for up to an hour or an hour and a half. 
The interview process is straightforward:
1. A Demo of the job - we describe the position and do a walk-through with a group of people
2. A one-on-one interview - We meet with you individually to be sure the job is a good fit for you, give you a job offer, and schedule you for training.


Applications for employment may also be submitted in person at our office:

  • 320 Ichord Avenue, Suite U, Waynesville, MO 65583


Realistically, what is NOT so good about working at CFR?
A decent amount of your time at work is spent dialing the phone between actually getting to talk to people.  That can be boring.  
You do need to be willing to talk to people on the phone. It can feel awkward calling a lot of people every day and a lot of people turn you down (sometimes they are not even nice about it).  Honestly, you really do get used to it and everyone you work with is experiencing the same things. Your supervisors are there to help you succeed.
Occasionally - twice a year for the past few years, we do not have enough contracts of active research studies for everyone to work their scheduled shifts (usually this lasts only a few days).  We do everything we can to avoid this, but this does mean that it is possible to get unexpectedly told that there is no work with only a few hours notice.

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