Qualitative Data Collection

Qualitative Data Collection

Communications for Research (CFR) provides qualitative data collection through telephone and online-based surveys. With your research questions in mind, we determine who we want to talk to and how many respondents we will need to deliver the best possible data to your business.

Our market research experts stay in touch with you each step of the way, delivering daily progress reports. You'll have one contact at CFR for all your studies who will communicate our design choices, data collection progress and analysis.

Respondent Recruiting

CFR custom recruits every research participant that participates in a study for one of our customers. While this means we do not maintain our own panel, we customize a panel specifically for your needs.

During the early stages of our qualitative data collection, we formulate a strategy for outreach based on where and how we can reach the target audience. As a recruiter, we know we only ever get re-hired if quality qualified people show up and participate in the study. Therefore, we have continually evolved our own best practices and process to deliver the best possible outcomes on every recruit we do. This makes CFR an efficient and effective recruiting choice for any study, because you will benefit from custom recruitment vs using a pre-opted database of local consumers.

Our typical qualitative recruiting engagement averages $3,500 and is focused on getting you interviews with business decision makers that are important to your business. We take quality and our duty to represent our customers well in every interaction we have seriously. 


From a logistics side, our role is to set the research study up to succeed. If we are hired by the person doing the interviews/moderating then that means we cover everything except the research itself. We will coordinate with the team at the online qual platform service being used, update the facility manager, coordinate A/V, send a host to set up, check-in, and administer incentives on-site. We provide whatever service allows the person we are working for to focus on what matters most to them. We take ownership over making sure that the entire project succeeds because we followed through on our part.

Our Qualitative Recruitment and Service Capabilities

We provide critical resources to reach all the necessary respondents in a way most comfortable to them. Our capabilities – both inbound and outbound – include:

  • Recruiting for focus groups, IDI's (in-depth interviews), etc.
  • Telephone reminders
  • Telephone and in-person IDI's (in-depth interviews)
  • Telefocus groups
  • Email reminders
  • Central location testing
  • Recruiting for short and long-term communities
  • Bulletin board recruitment
  • Recruitment and setup for online qualitative methodologies
  • Web-assisted telephone IDI's
  • Interview and focus group moderating
  • Personal interviews

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