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Qualitative Recruiting

Communications for Research (CFR) offers qualitative telephone recruiting through our expansive recruiting department. We have extensive experience in market research recruiting for groups and IDI's (in-depth interviews) in North America and internationally – including Europe, South America and Asia. We also have experience working with complicated quota plans, and can arrange facilities in the locations where you want to conduct your groups or interviews.

Qualitative Project Management

Our recruiting department offers you the assurance of working with an experienced project manager that is highly skilled and trained in every aspect of market research recruiting. When you bring your qualitative data collection job to CFR, you are assigned a dedicated project manager who is best suited to meet your specific project needs. Our recruiting managers stay in close contact with you to coordinate the recruiting process and they serve as your personal liaison to ensure continuity for you each time you have a project. Your project manager will regularly communicate with you – as well as with the rest of our team – to ensure you receive the utmost quality that you are looking for.

At CFR, we do everything we can to ensure that you know what to expect. Because communicating frequently with respondents is critical for good show rates, our respondents receive reminder calls 24-48 hours before the group or interview is scheduled to meet. Upon your request, we can also mail or email confirmation letters and information your respondents may need, such as maps and directions.

At CFR, we know the market research recruiting experience can mean the difference between a good project and a great one. Our recruiting project managers pay strict attention to the details and stay in contact with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth recruiting experience. 

Recruiting Interviewers

Experience is invaluable in any occupation. At CFR, our recruiting department has a select team of interviewers who are specially trained and dedicated for recruiting projects. Our project managers communicate directly with the recruiters, performing extensive daily briefings and training to make sure they completely understand each recruit and the quota structure of your project. Our CFR team will not only meet your needs, we will exceed your expectations.

Recruiting Services:
  • Focus groups
  • Telefocus groups
  • Online focus groups
  • In person in-depth interviews
  • Telephone in-depth interviews

Our Recruiting Experience:

Business to Business
  • Small Businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Financial Institutions
  • IT professionals
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Executives and Professionals
  • Physicians
  • Patients
  • Medical professionals
  • Medical researchers
  • Pharmacists
  • Biomedical scientists
  • Related fields of Veterinary science
  • Crop producers
  • Animal producers
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product awareness
  • Service usage
  • Environmental interests
  • Product placement
  • Product testing
  • Political polling

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