Market Research Design

Market Research Study Design

Great market research begins with great process design. If you're looking for answers that only market research can uncover, Communications for Research (CFR) can take your questions and devise a study that will give you those answers.

Before data collection, our marketing research process helps you define the problem you want solved and develop an approach to solving the problem. Next, we create the procedure for obtaining the required information to discover possible answers to the research questions and to make informed business decisions.

Whether you need customers, prospects, employees or investors, we aim to understand who you want to target and what the nature of their relationship is with you. Therefore, we create the ideal respondent through questions like:

  • How does this person interact with your business?
  • How much are they spending with you and how frequently?
  • How often does this person interact with your product or service?

By informing us of who we are engaging with during research, we will be able to provide the best possible recommendation of the strategies that will actually get these ideal respondents to participate in your research. With a great strategy and the ideal respondents, we ensure that you get the quality feedback you are seeking.

From detailing the number of respondents necessary to creating the survey or experiment, CFR's holistic market research design will give you the ability to run a market research study with your staff or lays the groundwork for us to begin recruiting before data collection.

CFR's market research design includes:

  • Qualitative and/or quantitative data collection methods
  • Information needed from a survey or experiment
  • Recruiting criteria to find the most appropriate respondents
  • Sampling process and sample size
  • Survey or questionnaire design
  • A data analysis plan


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